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I am a progressive seventy-year-old woman who has an opinion about most things.

I live in Victoria, Texas, USA.

I was a teacher of  English literature for four years  in a public high school in the mountains of North Carolina, USA, after college.

Following my tenure as a teacher, I became a social worker for the State of North Carolina.  My clients were elderly or disabled.  A number of them lived in family care homes or in nursing homes.  I placed people in these homes from the state mental hospitals for several years.  I also  licensed family care homes and foster homes for the state.

I moved to Texas from Greensboro, North Carolina  in 1976.

My husband and I started a concrete business in Victoria  in 1979 and worked together in the business until his death in 2009.

My daughter and her husband have operated the business for nearly ten years.

I have one daughter,one grandson, a dog, an Amazon parrot, a Fancy Green Cheek Conure, and a chinchilla.

I still  have all of my teeth and most of my marbles.

If you want to know anything else, ask me.  :-)    I would like to know about you too.  I am particularly interested in what you think.

Thank you for your interest in my blog.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

George Weaver


The Fuzzy Foto


Occasionally, someone asks whether I sell photographs.

No, I don’t sell photos.

However, if a photo here makes you smile, please download it.

That will make me smile!



Che scratching nose


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  1. Hey! I do believe we’ve found a new friend :) Your photos are gorgeous—and so is Rita! We also keep a parrot (Kuno, our 20-year-old African Grey). And, more from the small-world department, Jean grew up in Winston-Salem, N.C. We’re looking forward to reading your blog!

    • Hi, one-of-2-geeks! Thanks for stopping by to visit. I went to what was Woman’s College in Greensboro. We just saw a wonderful tribute to Maya Angelou held in Winston Salem. I’ve forgotten if Wake Forest was the site or somewhere else. Life in Conn. is a bit different from Winston Salem, for sure. There is the crucial element of water! Chuckle… I will be interested to follow 2geeks@3knots!

      • Thank you! Well, if you want the noisy grain, screw up the sensitivity of your DSLR :-) Film is different. But being able to scan and work them digitally is a blessing in flexibility compared to the former dark room

  2. Hello, nice to meet you! Your blog is very interesting, enthusiastic and inspiring..I like your blog! Have a nice Sunday. Kamila

    • Hi, Kamila! I am sorry. I just saw your comment. Thank you so much. I am happy that you enjoyed your visit! Please come again! :-)

  3. Great blog.. and such an interesting personal journey. By the way, we’ve had an Orange-winged Amazon named Charlie for 30+ years…

    • Ah, Charlie! What a great name he has. The Orange Wings are gorgeous parrots. Do you have photos of him on your blog? I would love to see him. Only people who have companion parrots understand our relationship with them. And the fascination they hold for us. Thank you very much for visiting my blog, John. I approach your images with something akin to awe. And I don’t use that word. Great photography evokes an experience. And, that’s what one takes away from your work.

      • Thanks for such wonderful compliments. I don’t have photos of Charlie on the blog. He’s very attached to my wife and only tolerates the rest of us.

  4. Your photography world is amazing!! You inspire me much with your passion! Im looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    • Thank you, Hadorable! I’m happy that you like my journey here. I appreciate your visit and your taking the time to leave such an encouraging note.

  5. You have an amazing, wonderful, inspiring blog! I love a good laugh and your wonderful photo stories made me laugh out loud several times today, well done! :-) I’ll be back for more soon; I’m your new follower!
    Warm regards from the North

    • Hi, Dina! I’m happy to welcome you to my world! I’m glad you got a chuckle from the little snippets of my stories. Come by to visit us anytime you are in the neighborhood :-)

  6. Sometimes the world seems small. I live in ‘Victoria’…Australia. just two suburbs away is Greensboro (spelt Greensborough). I am pushing that 70year old mark. Still have my marbles….I think. Had a parrot but had to give him away when I down scaled.
    Love your blog and your photos.

    • Good grief, Rose! How did I miss this? The Mad Cow, no doubt… Chuckle… It is a small world. It is difficult for me to imagine that all of us aren’t sitting in the same room looking at the same photographs and chatting away. It’s a wonderful world we live in now. Thank you for your attention to my blog and your visits with us there. I really do appreciate it, Rose! :-)

  7. “I still have all of my teeth and most of my marbles.”…………………….. hahahahaha! Brilliant!!! Love the photos too ;-)

  8. Dear George,
    Thanks for visiting my blog recently and leaving me so many likes and such a nice comment! And thanks for making me aware of your own blog through your visit! I had a look at it today and found it to be most original, creative, and interesting. I look forward to reading many more exciting stories on your blog in the future!

  9. That’s one beautiful parrot! So, where’s a photo of your chinchilla??? I had one for many years. He was a delightful little fellow.

      • You are fun! Been unfortunately ill for sometime, but maybe perhaps coming out of it. The new website is launching soon, with new posts, images, classes, and even an upcoming podcast. I am confident to breakthrough in 2014. Glad to see you are still doing beautiful flowers

        • I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. I hope the worst is over and you’ll mend soon! I’m happy to hear about the new website and all of the good stuff you have planned for it. I’ll be looking forward to it! :-)

            • Cold and ugly here. UGH! I will be very glad to see spring this year. Tell me what you thought about my latest post on the Parrot. I am not usually into monochromes. As you know, I love deep, bright colors. I even ditched the green palm background. Probably a bad choice, but I feel WINTER in my old bones this year! Be sure to let me know when everything launches. I don’t want to miss the party!! :-)

  10. Nice meeting you via our blogs! I’m a progressive 60 year old woman who also has many opinions and is living in Southern California, blogging with my youngest child, Kat. ~SueBee

    • Yes, it is nice to have met you too. This is a difficult time for old progressives to be alive, I think. Chuckle… At least, it is difficult in South Texas… ;-)

      • I believe South Texas is a very different place than most parts of Southern California, but we can hope progressives will win out everywhere in time!

  11. what great photos and stories! usually i don’t like photos of plants, but yours are so different. love your parrot stories :-)

    • HI, Olive. I just visited to see your work. I like it. Very natural representations. As Vonnegut said, “It is what it is”. That best describes what I saw on your blog. Honest portrayals of life as you saw it. Unaltered life. That is refreshing and encouraging to me. Unpretentious storytelling at its best. :-)

      Thanks. I am glad you like my little stories. One of my favorites is the Longhorn story about my husband’s cattle. I enjoy my flowers now that I have time to visit with them. ;-)

  12. Thank you for dropping by wePoets. It’s much appreciated. We’d be happy to showcase your photo’s should you want to share. :)

    • Hi! Lemony Shots (name of blog too) uses only the Lumix for her remarkable photography. Cheeky is friendly. Rita not so friendly. I’m glad you enjoyed the visit. Thank you for taking the time to visit and to leave such a nice comment. :-)

  13. Hi George, I used to live in Carrboro and work in Burlington, NC. I remember my days in NC with great affection for the place and the people. I remember Chimney Rock Park like a beautiful dream, with hillsides of blooming rhododendrons and waterfalls of crisp, cold water. Texas must be so different after NC.

  14. I am could find the space to mention in the concerned post but Mr Anole’s new coat made me go green with envy.What a handsome guy?

  15. Hi George
    Your beautiful capture of a dance to remember by the tulips attracted me to your blog and I am glad that I did.I love your thoughts, insights and bonhomie about everything being beautiful.It is true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and that is you.Love love love your blog.The tulips made my day.

  16. I came back to check what posts I’ve missed, as I realised it’s been very quiet. Somehow I don’t think I was following you anymore. No idea why, or when, but I’ve fixed that now :-)

  17. I lived near Asheville for a while – were you near there? Worked at the local county DSS. Later, in NY, became a social worker, and now work in home health care, far from NC! I bet you could tell some great stories!

    • Yes, we lived in Marion for several years after college. I was a teacher and a social worker there. Then we moved to Greensboro where I also did social work for DSS. How interesting that we both worked for DSS in N.C. And, yes, there were many interesting stories from that period of my life! Thanks for stopping in to visit and looking at so many posts. I appreciate that. I’ll be around to return the visit soon!

  18. How interesting that I have found your blog. My daughter moved to Victoria almost a year ago – she works for the University of Houston – Victoria. We visited last January. I checked out a couple of your posts and really enjoy your work. Your ability to capture the essence of flowers is phenomenal. And yes, I do have lots to say so I’ll leave comments on your future posts. I was a social worker and an educator, too. I think I’ll enjoy getting to know you.

    • My goodness! How interesting that your daughter lives here and that you were a teacher and social worker too. Small world after all as they say. It’s nice to meet you. I will be visiting your blog too. Thank you for visiting so many of my posts. Have a wonderful Fourth of July! :-)

  19. you have got amazing skill George…I have been trying to find space in some post to write comments so finally got some space here before I had to scoll few pages :) Great blog dear..and thanks a lot for sharing

    • I am delighted that you enjoyed your visit. What a beautiful girl you are! And so very nice too! I love sharing my pictures here. I spend a lot of time exploring my garden watching everything that happens. There is another world there that we often do not see in our rush to go about our lives. I am lucky to have lived long enough to have the leisure to visit that world. And I am happy to share it with travelers here. Thank you for visiting me and taking time to let me know you were here. :-)

  20. Hi George, thank you for the recent visit, comment and follow.
    I love your space…very lush looking with all the lovely green.
    Wow, you still have all your teeth, that’s very impressive.
    Hugs xxx

    • The teeth thing is a joke, of course, although I do have them. It’s a southern thing. We say, “She had summer teeth” meaning that some are there and some are not… I’m glad you like my little corner. I enjoy snapping photos of my space. Thank you for coming by and for the nice comment! :-)

  21. Hi George! I saw your remark about just asking if we want to know something….so…i’m asking :) I have purchased several cameras and lenses, and none of them give me the results that I want when doing closeups….may I ask what camera and lens you used for these? I need a change in my photography life…the invasion of the little ninja squirrel was telling me to give up the birds, at least the local ones..I’ve wanted to photograph flowers for a long time and I’m wondering if you would share with me they type of camera and lens you used for these images….they are just outstanding :) I’m spending more time in my garden, planting new things, and just kind of over-hauling my life in general. Thanks so much George…Suzanne

    • I just saw this. Sorry it took me two days to get a clue… :-) I used a Nikon D300 for several years. Then, I saw that Leanne Cole was test driving a Nikon D5100 so I consulted with my expert, Ken Rockwell.com about it. Look at what he says. Essentially, he says that the D5100 produces the same quality image as the D7100 for far less money. Also, it performs really well on auto which I use all the time. The auto white balance is good. And that’s a must for me. He says that the D5100 just doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that a professional photographer would want to shoot always in manual. That is definitely NOT me. I believe I paid less than $500 for the camera body! I couldn’t believe it. And, it is a well-made, well-balanced body. The lens may make all the difference. I am comfortable with this lens that I’ve used for years. I dropped it on the slate floor and dented the rim, but didn’t break the lens. The focus ring is a little stiff now, but I am used to that too. I highly recommend this lens for an all-purpose walk-around lens. I never change it. It is an AF-S Nikkor 18-200mm DX lens with VR. The vibration reduction is great for me with my tremor, but would be good for anybody to avoid camera shake. If you read the manual for the D5100, you could shoot better photos in more light situations than I do. I use natural light and know when it is good light out in the garden. Otherwise, I’m screwed… :-)

      I also have a Panasonic Lumix LX5. Lemony Shots uses hers for all of her macro work. It was her only camera until recently! It costs about $450 and has a Leica prime lens. A very well-made camera with excellent auto white balance and auto settings for all light conditions. You have to read the manual to know how to shoot macro (which I have not done). It is a tiny camera. The image quality is very sharp with excellent color and clarity. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I shot all of the Trumpet Vine and Mr. Anole photos with it last year because I could hold it up over my head and point at Mr. Anole! I take it with me in my purse when I don’t want to carry a bigger camera. Look at Lemony’s blog photos. I use the D5100 when I want a shallow DOF. I am sure you could get that with the LX5, but I am just used to the lens on the D5100. I am holding the LX5 in the self-photo on this page.

      If I can answer any more questions, let me know. I am very happy with these cameras. :-)

      • Thanks SO much for this info….I’ve been so impressed with your photos and I think either of these cameras would be great for me to use here at the edge of the woods. I also have a tremor, you’ll notice that if I ever post a video its not still at all…lol…..I’ve had the tremor since high school at least! Thanks again George! I appreciate your taking the time to share this with me :)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the visit, Jon. Thank you for dropping by. I am very interested in your project and will be reading back to the first of it soon and following along. A great project! So happy to see that you are devoted to creating a photographic record. The photographs that you published already are very sensitive and just wonderful. Thank you.

    • Ciao! I just scrolled through a few delightful posts on your blog. Such a bright and clever and happy place! I will be back! Thank you for stopping by.

    • Ah, Dave. If you ever change your Gravatar photo, I will lose you for sure. That gentle guy looking out of the little frame makes me happy when I see it. I remember it from the first time I saw it. I thought to myself, “There is a kind man” … and so he is. I do like your photographs. A lot. And, you’re welcome. :-)

    • I love it when I see “LensScaper”. I always think “Lens Caper”. That makes me chuckle in delight. I’m sure I follow you, but I’ll check on my notification setting to be sure I’m getting notifications since I fail miserably at following the Reader. It’s my nemesis here on WP! Thanks for finding my little blog. :-)

    • Hi, Zeebra Girl. I replied in the recent past, but I failed to hit “Post” apparently. Sigh… Getting old. You are a delight yourself. I smile when I think of your transporting yourself from Mississippi to Ecuador! I have to visit more often. I loved the wonderful face and its smile and the painting when I was at your place recently. I don’t often keep crisp images of paintings in my head, but that one sticks. Thanks! :-)

  22. Hi George,

    Happy New Year to you. May 2013 bring you more happiness, love, and success. And I would like to thank you for keep following my blog. I hope my posts do not disappoint. My subscription went messed up, so now I am resubscribing, looking forward to reading more of yours! :-)

    Thank you again, many blessings and much love to you. :-)

    Subhan Zein

    • You know, I missed your comment here. And, I don’t get email notices of your blog posts either. I have to check my notification settings. I love seeing your sweet face when visit blogs. Yours is one of the faces I know. Thanks for the new year wishes. May you find an abundance of love, happiness and success too. Thank you for coming to tell me. Now, we can get back on track! :-)

    • Thank you, Luciana! I am honored to be included in these awards. You are too kind.
      I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year too. I am determined that all of us have a good 2013! :-)

        • Like you, I am determined to follow blogs that I enjoy more instead of trying to keep going with so many. I love all of them, but I just am too shaky (with my familial tremor) to tour fast enough. I have done a really bad job of responding this year. I will do more if it kills me! :-) If I don’t come calling as I should, please poke me awake over here! Just leave a message: “Wake up, Granny!”

  23. George – thanks for visiting my blog and for following it too – I hope you’ll enjoy the images. I certainly like your pictures and the layout of your very classy blog, but I’m unable to follow any more blogs at present as I just can’t keep up with all the emails. However I may be retiring soon and then things will be different.

    I especially like “I still have all of my teeth and most of my marbles.” – I do too!

    I’m also in social care, but on the stats, facts and figures side, rather than the actual care side.

    Take good care of yourself. Adrian (FATman Photos)

    • I see you everywhere, Adrian, and I like what you do very much. I don’t expect you to follow. I can’t keep up either! :-) Have a wonderful retirement … send photos!

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  25. Hello George. I haven’t played with spreading concrete since I was a teenager but your mention of being in the concrete business brought back some memories. Moving from North Carolina to Texas sounds like a major change to me. Wow. We may share some common ground via English Literature. Or should that be common text? :) So glad I cybersurfed here from Lynda’s blogcasa.

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  28. I can see that we are going to get along quite well. I am thrilled to have come across your blog and wonderful to see that you like my photos and are following me too. Thank you!

    • Yes, I enjoy what you are doing on your blog. It feels “right” to me. I am very comfortable there and can find my way around easily. I especially like the way you process your photographs.

    • Oh, dear… I only just saw this! I apologize for failing to see the post. I think I am not receiving them on my reader or email. Thank you so very much. I really do appreciate your thinking of me, and I will be certain that your posts get to me. I am going to try to post more in 2013. :-)

      • Don’t worry about it George, but I do hope you’ll be able to find the time to blog more – you’ve been missed! As I said when I made the ‘nomination’, i was hoping we could draw you back somehow :)

    • I’m still around, Naomi. Had a kind of hard summer for some reason, but I’m getting back in gear here. You are kind to ask! I remember the first post that I saw on your blog. It was a photo of a reclining figure on a crypt. It sticks in my head. I thought that my own posts were so provincial by comparison. I still do, but I keep posting anyway. Yours was the most sophisticated blog for me. It still is. Thought you might smile at that. :-) I haven’t forgotten you. I’ll get there in my stumbling around. Thanks for the visit.

      • You are too kind, George. I felt the same way about your posts, and have a great admiration for your writing and photography. I am still one of your faithful followers. I am no longer receiving your posts, but I am not sure why. I hope I am not on your spam list! So good to hear from you!

        • I have no idea how to check the spam list, but I’ll wander on over to the dashboard to see if I can discover why you don’t get the notifications. I haven’t posted anything to the parrot blog in awhile. I post to the Fuzzy because it is easy to drop one photo there. I appreciate your keeping up with me. It figures that we’d remember the “old timers” here. (For me, that means since last January … which may be a lifetime at my age! So much to do and so little time left! ;-)

  29. Hi George, I’ve been away and out of it for months. My world as chaotic as ever! I thought going overseas would change all that. Hmmm, things are as usual – utter madness! I’ve missed you. x

    • I was kind of scattered during the summer so I have lots of catching up to do. I missed you too. I can’t decide what to post anymore. I do love visiting your blog though. I went back there to your “about” page some time ago and admired the “couple” in the garden! :-) I was thinking that I’d be too fearful of the bull to get close enough for that wonderful photo! Good to hear from you, Charlene. I’ll be around soon!

  30. Nice meeting you here, George. You have got a nice blog. Keep it up. Thank you for following my blog. I hope my blog posts do not disappoint you. Many blessings and much love to you. :-)

    Subhan Zein

  31. Goerge, thanks for visiting my blog. Very nice to know about you. I am 64 it is just one year i have started my blog , I make so many mistakes please feel free to correct me.

  32. Hi George, Thanks for following my lil ole blog, I had to stop by and say hi! Im so glad I did…you’re images are lovely and your out look is awesome, you seem like such a hoot! I cant wait to read/see more of your stuff! Take care ;) ~Tonyia

    • Tapish, I cannot tell you how happy I am that you would nominate me for this award. When I started blogging in January, I had no idea what I was doing. Since that time, I have discovered so many wonderful writers, photographers, activists, and regular people (like me) from all over the world. I think we join hands for humanity. We learn that we are a global family. That is the significant thing about social media like WordPress. When a brilliant young man like you reaches out to an old woman like me with such an award, we have made the world a better place. I am an old cynic, but even I am convinced that if all of us talked to each other, there would be no more world strife. I feel as if you and all of my friends from around the world live just down the street from me. I have to remind myself sometimes that we live so far apart. Bless you, my friend, for your contribution toward bringing us all closer together.

      • Yeas Granny, I totally agree with your words.It’s so pleasing to read this wonderful response from your side.I really like your work, and you ain’t a regular person, George!

        Thank you for accepting the award! Keep posting :)

        • :) :-)
          Oh, and I intended to thank you for connecting me to the other recipients of your award. I am checking them out as I have time. I like every one of them that I’ve seen. Linking to other bloggers is another good reason to pass these awards around. We meet other people whom we would not have met otherwise! We are going to link this world together one day … one person at a time!

          • hehe.. great!
            I do the same thing.. I too checked all of the blogs along with my nomination, and I’m following those now!
            Good day! :)

    • Syeda, that is the coolest comment I ever read on ANY “about” post anywhere. I like you too … from that comment forward! I must find you! :-)

      • Awww..that’s so sweet
        Now to find me you must :Either embark on a journey to Planet Weird OR regularly follow my blog…:)

        • Embark? I live there, child. :-) It’s been a seventy-year journey, but that’s still my home! Delighted to meet a fellow Weirdian. :-)

          • Then we should get along sometime AND the pleasure is all mine:)

    • Now, that’s a sure way to an old lady’s heart! That and the Gravatar! I know you by it wherever I see it. I don’t get your email notice or your posts in the reader anymore. I have to un-follow and re-follow, I think. I absolutely do not want to miss your Quotes from the Masters” posts! I enjoyed the links post too. My husband was a lifelong golfer who was aware of the building of the links where you were since he followed all of the golfers’ projects, but he never explained it to me. Thanks for that tour! :-)

      • Thank you, kindly, George; I an so glad to know that you have been enjoying my posts. Perhaps the reason that you haven’t been getting notifications lately is that I haven’t posted in a while! I haven’t been doing much browsing in the blogosphere, lately, either. I do need to post something about that, in fact– and I think I’ll include a quote from the masters while I’m at it. ;-)

  33. Your teeth and most of your marbles….I hope to be so fortunate. Adorable about me page. I didn’t know you were a teacher…we have that in common. Hope all is well. :) Sam

    • Thanks, Sam. I am a little nutty, as you know. But, nutty is fun. Yes, I loved teaching, but it nearly killed me. I was far too serious about it, I think. I did love the students though. I bet you are a fantastic teacher. Too few of you are in the business still. It’s just too difficult for most talented, caring people. Thanks for the visit and liking my post! :-)

      • Yes…I taught about ten years and left…I loved it so much, but it was too draining on me emotionally and physically. Now I know I was taking on too much for my sensitive being. Thank you for your kind words. I love your quirky-parts. Hugs and light to you. :)

  34. George loved this page ..damn if only i could say something similar about my marbles…nope have lost all of them way back…

  35. I am so thrilled you visited me today… if not, i would not have met you nor spent the better part of this past hour(missing project runway too! ;) reading and clicking your posts. You are an inspired writer. x

    • Well, thanks, Linda. I love your Gravatar. I decided I’d follow you simply because anybody who looks like that is bound to be elegant and clever and very talented. I see that I was not mistaken when I look at your work and read. Glad you liked my little blog! Thanks for visiting. :-)

    • Hey, thanks. I didn’t know you had another site. I’ll check it out. I’d LOVE to see your birds and animals. I appreciate the visit and look forward to enjoying your posts. I understand they are National Geographic worthy! :-)

    • Thank you for taking time to visit my little corner. I’ve seen you on The Fuzzy too. I appreciate it! I’ll be following along, Dave. :-)

  36. I was drawn in by the words “She keeps a parrot” because …. so do I. Then, I see a cute little lizard on your front page and I thought….I really like this lady! Nice blog!

    • Thank you very much. Yes I have a parrot. I feature her sometimes on my other blog, She Kept A Parrot. I appreciate the visit and the nice comment. :-)

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    • Rosy! Lord, I just saw this! I have no idea how I missed it. I just nominated YOU for the One Lovely Blog award. This is nuts! Overwhelmed is an understatement for you, and you just got here. You must be doing something awfully right! You do have a lovely blog. Really. Just shelve the Lovely Blog thing until you collect another dozen or so! :-) I’m giggling about this one…as if you need one more award…

    • Hey, by the way, thank you for the award. I do so appreciate your following and always saying such nice things about my posts. You are a sweetheart!

      • You’re very welcome. You’re blog is eye candy to me with the wonderful pictures you share. And – you know I LOVE the stories too. They add so much life to your posts!

  38. Thank you very much for all your kind words and the follow. I can’t seem to see the follow button on your blog. And I don’t mean the one at the top left corner since that will take me to wordrpress. I would want to receive your posts in my inbox, please.

    • You’d laugh if you had seen me squinting at my blog page! Hell, I couldn’t find the follow thing either! Ha Ha
      Once I followed myself! Now that’s a shame. I think I was the only follower I had too. The thing is on the upper left of the page. Thanks! :-)

    • Thank you so much, Richard! I’m happy you like it. I’ll be around to your place too. I don’t hop around as fast as I used to. But, I’ll get there! :-)

  39. Dear George, ahem Ma’m … finally made it to your blog … and I’m glad I did … mainly because I found out that you are who you are … would like to follow you … you have the wisdom I am looking for … might be pestering you some more because of that … Love, cat (http://catsruledogsdroole.blogspot.com)

    • Well, Cat, you just pester me all you like. I see you at Shimon’s place often. I’m happy that you like my blog. Come on back any time. I’ll get around to your place soon. Thank you very much for your confidence. Call me “George”, BTW. ;-)

  40. George, thank you for following my blog, i got an email about it, but it did not come through in the blog properly.

    Would you like to click follow at top left again and then i’ll come back. Harry.

    • Ana, I saw this the other day and smiled. I got distracted as usual. Thank you for the wishes. I hope your day was good too. I miss those wonderful photos. Come on back to visit us! :-)

    • Thank you so much. I am sorry I am so late in responding. I have to hop on over to visit. I see you around all the time. I am a bit slow to find folks, but I don’t forget. I’m glad you liked my mufflers. I had fun with them.

    • Thank you so much for honoring me with this award. I really do appreciate it, Rosy. I am going to enjoy your poetry, I know. It is good stuff. Of course, you can add me to your blogroll. I appreciate that too. You are just too nice!

  41. I love your photographs. My dad was a professional photographer. We have that in common — but I don’t have teeth as good as yours. I look forward to seeing more of your photography.

    • You’re welcome, Michael. I am from NC, and was fascinated by the old church. Your photography is superb … always!

    • Ha Ha. Girl with a sense of humor. There is something I want you to write about. Statistically, one in five young women who want to have a family won’t have one. That’s up 80% from ten years ago. Women are staying in the workforce and getting more advanced degrees to support themselves primarily because they cannot find suitable fathers for their children. Young men, so the statisticians say, are getting lazy. Traditionally, they had to be ambitious enough to do well enough to attract an intelligent, suitable mate. Now, they can text in a whole herd. I know nothing about this. However, the trend interests me. Since you are a young women about to be in that position, I thought you might be interested in the phenomenon too. :-)

      • Haha, well as a single 23-year-old, it’s not something that’s on the horizon for me right now… but I have always had it in my general life plan that I would like to have children. I think it probably has less to do with laziness and more to do with the fact that people put off having children until they’re much older now. Women will eventually reach a point where they have to either have children straight away or risk not being able to, but as men don’t have that fear, I think they’re more complacent. The social pressure to get married and settle down just isn’t there anymore, and unfortunately it means for women that they might miss the boat.

  42. I’m looking forward to hearing more about you and your life, George! “The kind of person that keeps a parrot” is certainly a telling detail. I would imagine that training a parrot would take a great deal of patience. I hope the bird doesn’t keep you awake at night!

    • I think Twain was describing the sort of woman who is not particularly sophisticated in a societal, cultural sort of way. One who dabbles in ditch digging and collecting Alfonse Legros prints at the same time. Most women would find a parrot entirely too messy, loud, and annoying. Nobody who is tidy keeps a parrot, I suspect. My husband defined parrots this way: “They eat, shit and squawk.” Now, mind you, that was an entirely crude and unfair description, but one that I didn’t argue since it is partially correct. Rita bit my arms until they were black and blue and bloody for six months after I bought her eleven or so years ago on a whim at a feed store. She said, “Ariba” and cocked her head in the most appealing way. What could I do? I knew nothing of parrots, and only discovered that members of her particular species are the most difficult parrots to manage. She is a double-yellow-head Amazon. I have photographs and a description of her on the blog. Thanks for visiting. I am interested in your blog too. I’ll be seeing you around! :-) I highly recommend keeping a parrot. They have opinions.

    • Naomi, I am truly getting senile. I haven’t forgotten this honor. I am going to respond before April 24! That would be a MONTH. Lordy, where does the time go? I go off down one rabbit trail after another until the day is gone! You are so kind to me. I appreciate it although you’d never know it by my response would you? Forgive me. My claiming old age is getting tiresome. I was equally flaky at twenty. Thank you! :-)

      • Dear George,
        I sure know how that goes! I still have several awards that I keep meaning to acknowledge and pass on. There is never any time limit or any obligation at all, so don’t think twice about it.

  43. Hi there. Just wanted to say I finally got around to doing something about the ABC award. Thank you for your nomination and for leading me to some other wonderful blogs! Enjoy your weekend.

    • No hurry. I still have one that I haven’t done anything about and may never do it. I’ll go on over and see what you did with your response! I forgot about the whole thing! I’m so bad, huh?

  44. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments, gweaverii!

    You have a lovely blog.


    • Oh, my. I failed to see you here! I think WP doesn’t tell us sometimes. Thanks for visiting. I recognize your Gravatar around WP because you look very much like a brilliant and highly successful friend of my sister’s. You must be too. At any rate, I attribute her characteristics to you. You would not be offended, and I’m certain she wouldn’t be either. ;-) Thanks for the compliment.

    • Thanks, Jenny. I am sorry I took so long to find your comment. I am a little slow. A little? You posted this on Feb. 29. I just saw you on another blog and remembered. I’ll be around soon. Thank you again.

    • In February, I responded to YOU instead of Lemony! Good grief, why didn’t you tell me! I guess you hated to tease an old lady back then. However, you got over it , thank goodness. I really did not know what I was doing here, did I? Ha Ha. I can only imagine how you laughed about that! I am relieved that it was you instead of some judgmental person! :-)

  45. Good morning! : )

    And by the way, I’ve nominated you for Liebster Blog Award. Whether you are interested in such awards DOES NOT MATTER! At the very least I hope you will check out my post mentioning you and your wonderful word. Thank you for your inspiration!

  46. a friend of mind had a parrot for over 25 years, and gave it to another friend – the parrot was very very grouchy!

    • Ha Ha! You tickle me. Rita can be moody too. She nailed my thumb awhile back because my grandson squeezed by us as I was bringing her through the door to the house. She couldn’t reach him so she bit the hand that feeds her! She would never intentionally bite me. Parrots do that sometimes if something threatens them. Actually, a parrot in the wild will bite his mate in order to make her fly away if he senses danger. I love your description of “grouchy”. ;-)

  47. Howdy –

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I’m glad you did, I’m going to enjoy yours !

    • Somehow, I missed seeing your kind comment. I like your attitude too. I’m grinning here! Thank you!

      • Lordy Mercy, Lemony! I was just describing you to a friend of mine who lives in Houston. I met her when she defended our company in a frivolous lawsuit years ago. We became fast friends. You remind me of her. She was a drama major from a little town in Arkansas. She has been an attorney for Jackson Walker in Houston for many years now. She still has that “southern” girl manner and outlook. She’s tiny and sophisticated and chic and smart, but she has the heartiest laugh you ever heard. I don’t know why you remind me of each other. You are very different kinds of professionals. You chose different lives, but I can imagine the two of you playing dress-up in those wonderful old clothes and laughing and telling stories. You are too good to me, Lemony! Thank you. ;-)
        The funny thing about the above comment is that I posted it in reply to Joseph’s comment instead of yours! I am reposting it now so you can see how Joseph must have laughed at me in February! I started this blog in January, and I really did not know what I was doing! I’m glad it was between the three of us. :-)

  48. You know what Mark Twain said about us women that keep parrots….

    “She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot.” :)

    Love your photos!

    • Interesting to read that quote. My description of myself and my blog were taken directly from that Twain quote. I’ve used it on my FB page, on my tumblr blog ,and just added it to my profile here. Yes, I think women who keep parrots really ARE different, and he captured the essence of that difference in his description. It’s nice to meet some other woman who understands it! I’m glad you like my photos. Thank you for visiting and for your interest!

  49. Your photographs are rich with story! Thank you for sharing these: what a wonderful site to visit and travel and so be deepened…

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. Life is rich with story. I enjoy recording things and people I see…when I can remember to take my camera along! :-)


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