Rita’s Palace

Palace Cages. Com designed and fabricated my parrot’s cage.  Paul Draper is a fantastic designer.  I highly recommend him for your next Parrot Palace!  I found Paul by googling “fancy cages” when I tired of looking at the utilitarian cages readily available on the market.  I bought several of those during my ten years with Rita, my parrot.  All of them were powder-coated steel.  They all looked ugly from “new”, and they all eventually rusted.   Then, I found Paul.  His cages are designed specifically for your parrot and modified according to your needs and preferences.  The prices are comparable or less than the retail market cages.   If this sounds like another advert, it is not.   (I swiped the .gif animation from his site).  I simply wish everyone who keeps a parrot had one of these cages.

The fascinating aspect of Paul’s work is that he does it himself in his own workshop in a very rural area of Cobelskill, New York.   He designed his own computer-driven fabricating equipment.  He welds every joint himself.  He designs every cage himself and provides a drawing illustrating the specifications.  He even provides an animation of your specific design in order that you can see the cage from every angle.   Paul is a shy, quiet and humble man.  It was only after numerous busybody questions that I was able to find out who he is and what he does.  He’s an original entrepreneur in the purest sense of the word.  “Handmade” is almost an anachronism today.  There are a few artisans left among us, but not many.   Paul Draper is one of them.


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    • Ha Ha. I liked your theme too. Amazingly, I’ve seen Quintus used on several blogs. I’m new at this so I make frequent mistakes! It’s fun though. I read several posts on your blog and enjoyed all of them.
      Thanks for following.



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