Blind Pioneer

“Blind Pioneer”

A poignant photograph by Altanus Sulkus


5 Comments on “Blind Pioneer

  1. Arkturosx,

    Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment. I agree. I don’t know who Altanus Sulkus is or was, but this photograph appealed to me too.


  2. and my nephew is blind in 1 eye, but he doesn’t let it stop him! he’s so cute and full of life, a little clown, full of personality. And, yes, I know capitalization and punctuation rules, but this iPad doesn’t always do what I tell it to do, plus I’m still figuring it out!


  3. I teach a blind student and she is the most beautiful, loving, smart, sensitive, wonder ful person. I just love her. I learn so much from her. she is so positive, and never complains, and a great artist. amazing what she can do. she is so full of joy. it is a sad day for me when I Don’t get to see her. and they think we need to teach the children to pass state tests, when this one knows all the important things in life! she could pass any life test.



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