Refrigerator Gallery

Refrigerator Gallery

Whattayado with photo cards? Somehow, I suspect that really sophisticated people don’t stick them to the fridge. I love photos. I dislike photos on the fridge, and I dislike photos of photos on the fridge even more. What I can’t figure out is what to do with the photos that end up on the fridge! Hmmm….

4 Comments on “Refrigerator Gallery

  1. elmediat, What a clever response! You reminded me of my grandson (dressed in his Buzz Lightyear costume) leaping off the sofa arm onto the cushions, arms outstretched dramatically to the heavens, yelling, “To infinity and beyond”…over and over ad nauseum. 🙂


  2. Now what you do is print this photo as a large print and put it up on the fridge using the other original small photos to help secure it. Then you take a photo of the new fridge layout. Where do you go from there,………. “infinity and beyond” . 😉



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