Ancient Guardian

Antique English Garden Statue

This very worn antique concrete whippet is one of a pair who guard the entrance at the stone path to my back door.  His features were slowly worn away by the harsh winters of England to expose the aggregate stones used in the cement mixture from which he was cast.   Many years of exposure to the elements would be required to obliterate the distinctive features of a whippet.  Only he knows the secrets of the generations who passed by, oblivious.

(click image to enlarge)

8 Comments on “Ancient Guardian

  1. Excellent composition ! Very well balanced and effective use of B&W to emphasize texture, pattern & depth.


    • Thanks for stopping by. He is one of a pair from England. I enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts!


    • Coming from YOU, that’s a real compliment. You may just be kind, but I’ll take it! 😉


  2. What a great photograph of your whippet. I love how he looks surrounded by the asparagus fern, etc. Linda


    • He is one of a pair that I bought from Armstrong when he was importing all of those antiques from England. How many years ago was that? Lots of years, but I forget. Must have been twenty years by now.



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