Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows

This Austin sculpture has hung around my house for many years.  One day, I noticed the light from a window casting her shadow on window blinds.  The shadow reminded me of  the Great Sphinx of Giza.  What a lofty thought for a humble, mass-produced goddess who hardly represents anything Egyptian at all.  I smiled.

(click image to enlarge)

10 Comments on “Casting Shadows

  1. This will sound odd, perhaps, but the profile of the shadow reminds me of Princess Diana, Princess of Wales (just the face part): do you see it? (I do, of course, see why it reminded you of the Great Sphinx of Giza, too!)


    • YES. I immediately thought so too, but I didn’t want to say that in a post. Remarkable that we both saw it!


  2. Well done ! Both versions are very good. I prefer the first one because the colour and tone reduces the harsh light and emphasizes the softer warm browns and polished elements of the statue’s surface.


    • Perhaps that’s why it never occurred to me to change it to B&W. It is softer and her true color shows in the first one.
      Thanks for your perspective!


  3. Camavagrant: Here you go. I think I like it better too.
    Thanks for the suggestion.


      • You were absolutely right. It’s much better in black and white. Thanks so much for the “third eye”. The photo had been around for so long that I didn’t really look at it before I posted it. I appreciate your insight! 🙂



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