Shots From My Car Window #3

Lisa at the Hardback

Lisa smiling at the drive-thru window at The Hardback Cafe

Lisa was always smiling and perfectly made up in her Hardback Cafe apron and tee shirt.   She seemed to have taken the role of matron in the cafe group although she was about the same age as the others.  So like beautiful Lisa to wear a bit of black lace at the neck.

8 Comments on “Shots From My Car Window #3

  1. This is a lovely picture, you are on the road to street photography, I find it more difficult to ask people, you seem to do it easily.


    • Mr. Mole, you came to my blog early on. I appreciate that. I am afraid I have failed to return the visits. When I want to photograph a person, I simply tell him that I want a photograph and why I want it. We always have a reason for interest in photographing a person. I have never found anybody who did not appreciate that interest. I just walk directly up and tell the truth about why I am there. I miss so many wonderful photographs because I don’t have my camera or my cell phone. The other night, I almost ran over a man with two dogs on leashes in the middle of the intersection near my home. I turned and followed him into the convenience store lot. I hollered at him and he came over to my car. He was the rattiest man with two of the cutest and rattiest little fuzzy dogs I ever saw! I told him I wanted to photograph him and the dogs. He introduced me to the dogs. Harriett and Charlie. Damn, when I reached for my iPhone, I realized I didn’t have it. I think the man was as disappointed as I was! Just ask. 😉


    • She was a joy. I appreciate your taking the time to visit and to comment. Thank you.


    • She is a beautiful girl. I loved all of the kids at the Hardback. They were like a little family, and they were so very good to me.



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