Inside An Old Woman’s Cupboard No.1

Forgotten Chrystal

I am going to show you inside an old woman’s cupboard.  I have boxes and cupboards filled with things that I no longer remember.  This is the way of old women who inevitably abandon all interest in such things.  I have moved on and left these things to rest undisturbed except by the housekeeper’s occasional cleaning fetish.   I am a hermit who resides in her books, her photography, her Kindle, her companion pets and her thoughts.  Should you be sufficiently curious about the life of an old hermit to take a peek, enjoy these photos with my blessings.  I am happy to share my somewhat eccentric life with you.

11 Comments on “Inside An Old Woman’s Cupboard No.1

    • Alex, cupboards are mostly for hiding things. Good girl for ridding yourself of “things”. Go ahead…stack your paintings against the wall and your books on the floor. Threaten anybody with his life if he moves ONE book. Thanks for allowing me to share with you.


    • I see your face and the presence you project, and I read the stories of your photographs, and I know that your description of yourself as a “blissful adventurer” is not some cleverly contrived “handle”. You ARE a blissful adventurer and a good boy. Your mother is a lucky woman.


  1. And here I am in the middle of a major clean up. I realize that ‘you can’t take it with you’ and that my wife’s task will be to throw it all out. So your photographs have great meaning.


    • Victor, my advice to you is to keep only what you like to look at. I mean that literally. If a frying pan isn’t graceful and pleasing to the eye, throw it out. Keep only the things that please your eye when it falls on those objects. Think of your home as a Pieter Bruegel painting…crammed with significant details of your life. You only have to remove the clutter to expose the beauty.


  2. Thank you, Totsymae. I am just shameless enough to post anything. I will do just that. Usually, we see inside old people’s lives at the estate sale. Maybe this will be my PRE-estate sale since I’m not quite dead yet. Believe me, I had tons of the old blue pre-mason era jars with the metal alloy screw-on lids along with a few of the first ones that Mason made. I collected them along with old pottery and other stuff that collectors call “primitives”. Years ago, my daughter insisted that we conduct the “folksy tour” of my old house…and not one tour. We repeated it until she was satisfied that I had rid myself of my history. An antiques dealer friend hauled the stuff off on a trailer. Her haul provided enough stuff for her entire spring show! 🙂 At least, I could walk around in my house again and peace was restored in the family.


  3. Where are the mason jars, jellies and whatnots? 🙂

    I love black and white photographs. You could do a series of these and the pictures alone could tell us your story. Inquiring minds wanna know. 🙂



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