Old Smoker

A Vanishing Breed

13 Comments on “Old Smoker

  1. Love this photograph. What can I see in this hand? Well, it belongs to a smoker, obviously, a shameless smoker, 😉 , a smoker who ashes infrequently, and so is either very laid back or trying to get a shot of the hand with the cigarette or both. 🙂 (Great ring, by the way! Lovely!)


    • Oh, Lance, ’tis not so. I still have small china table ashtrays from when an after-dinner cigarette was fashionable. All of the major china makers, crystal makers, and silversmiths made wonderful pieces including some sumptuous sterling table lighters. I think you are old enough to have seem them as a child, huh? I am smiling at your little painting of my social status. Yes, we leftover old smokers have been vanguished. Relegated to the coffee-can class. 😉


  2. Hey, Rob…I think that’s your name. If it wasn’t the name on your blog, it is now. I remember that beautiful face. Faces matter; names don’t. My husband, who died of lung cancer and renal failure, built an Austin stone porch with huge screens all around it when he discovered he was going to die. You see, we both smoked for fifty years. We bought a house next door to my only daughter, and I declared it the “No Smoking” house. It had no porch. He sat out there in his recliner watching NASCAR, and INDY and anything else that wasn’t a camel race, until he died. He lived for eighteen of the best months of his life out there. I still sit there at night. I am the old smoker in the photo…as I’m sure you already guessed. Thanks for the compliment. I post what I like without much considering what other people might like. Coming from you, I think I just won some sort of prize, and for only doing what I do naturally. How cool is that? 😉 Even a clock is right twice a day, I reckon. Bless you.


    • I meant to say “broken” clock, but then I mean to say lots of stuff that leaves me now. I do remember that you and I passed each other in a seedy hotel once.


    • Michael, since you like the photo, please take it. Consider it my humble gift to you for your kindness. 🙂
      It’s yours. Do whatever you like to or with it. It’s gone from my messy stash to yours.



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