Inside An Old Woman’s Cupboard No.3

Creamy White Gold-Rimmed China

Lordy, it pains me to post this in black and white, but I’m doing it so I don’t break the RULES.  (Maybe I’ll post it in color later)  It has a band of heavy gold applied in a style that I’ve forgotten the name of.  I bought this set of china years ago because Clydell told me to.  She and her husband restored antique furniture in the bottom floor of their house for many years before her husband died.  They also quietly disposed of the possessions of the well-off dead with as much dignity as anybody could have mustered…under the circumstances, as they say.  They were the go-to people when an elderly parent died.  They cleaned up the mess, restored order, and sold the things none of the children’s children wanted.   Thus, sparing the family the inconvenience of  further trouble.  They were as kind as the most profession funeral director…except their kindness was genuine.  Clydell always invited a select number of her clientele to come for a private showing before she opened the sale to the “public”.  She told me what to buy and I bought it..along with the stuff I really wanted.   I could count on her to show up next to me at a sale to whisper her recommendations.  She knew what she was talking about and she was always right.  I suspect she wanted me to have the things because I had no plan to re-sell them for profit.  She’s alone now.  But she still handles an estate sale once in awhile if the bereaved are lucky enough to know her.

13 Comments on “Inside An Old Woman’s Cupboard No.3

  1. Clydell sounds like a real treasure herself, a little bit of her seems to be lurking inside your cupboard along with this elegant china set.


  2. Never mind the rules….I want to see the gold trim. You are so like me George. I can’t go to an estate sale without thinking about the old person who bought and treasured every item.


    • We’re nosy, Sue! We poke around in everything we see. I bet you kept your eyelids a little cracked open during the morning school prayer just like me! 😉


  3. There is imagery here on a scale I have not had the pleasure to experience for some time. I want to know all of these people as I can see them as clearly as you want me to. Brava Professoressa!


    • Ah, Michael. Grand words. I like them. The people I describe are just people like the rest of us. They touched my life in some special way that I often didn’t fully appreciate at the time. This little project has taken me back for a second look at the connections we shared and took for granted then. I am having a bittersweet time with this remembrance. And, I’m happy to share it.


    • Maggie, one day when you are old, you will remember too. Like me, the details may escape you, but details only get in the way of memories. I’m happy you enjoy my stories. 🙂


  4. I’m delighted to see you, Totsy Mae! I read your last post, but I haven’t found the time to comment. I will. Everything has a story. I always wonder about the history when I see an old photo or some curiosity in a junk shop or at a fancy sale. Almost nothing out of context has much meaning for me. A beaten-up old baby cup cannot be just a beaten-up old baby cup! 🙂


  5. I’m enjoying the story, reminds me of my grandmothers cupboards with dishes and items that had only been used a few times many years prior. To this day, I still remember looking in the cupboards and china cabinet after she died. I’m sure there are memories to go with everything there.


    • Cowboy, you are so right. I wish I’d paid more attention to my grandmother’s cupboards. I’ll have to find the list of the names of her and her sisters. Being that you’re a cowboy, you’ll get a kick out of them. Thanks for the peek!


  6. Interesting story here. I’d like to see this in color too but I have to say, with the story, the black and white photo makes it a rich and powerful statement. There’s character there that every reader wants to hear in a good story.



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