Alex Gave Me An Award!

I found a penny in a pig’s track this morning.  When I asked for something frivolous that we couldn’t afford, my momma would say, “As soon as I find a penny in a pig’s track”.  When I told her about the award this morning,  I know she laughed.  She is still here inside my head and inside the urn on my mantle.

I was awarded two things in my life before.

The first was a zippered Bible with a little cross attached to the zipper tab.  I memorized more Bible verses than any of the other kids in my Sunday school class.  I remember one, “Jesus wept”.  And I don’t blame him.

The second was an American History Award in high school.  I didn’t know much American history and what I thought I knew was about as accurate as the tale of George Washington and the Cherry Tree.  That award made me uncomfortable.

I have no idea what a Liebster Award is and I don’t know how to find out.  What I do know is that Alex Autin awarded it to me.   Now, that’s something, isn’t it?  While I was brushing my teeth (I still have all of them, by the way) the thought occurred to me that her award was a little like the bronzed baby shoe of another time.   I suspect the baby of the shoe was the firstborn.

This blog is a firstborn for me.  And, Alex was the first person to like it.  I have to admit that her “like” comment is bronzed in my head.  If she liked it, I would add more.  She’s continued to follow and to encourage me.  And now, she’s declared me an official BLOGGER.  Damn, that feels good!

As Alex explained in her award introduction, the title of the award means “I like you, I really really like you”.   I like all of you who have followed me and left your notes of affirmation.  I like you.  I really, really like you.  All of you.  You have become my little blogosphere family.

 If you don’t know Alex’s blog, you should.  She’s my kind of girl.  Lord, that girl is interested in absolutely everything and it shows.  Her world view is my world view.  Maybe yours too.  I don’t need to try to tell you about her or her blog.  She can do that better than I.  Just drop by.  You’ll be hooked.  Most of you know Alex, but for anybody who might not, her blog is …THINGS I LOVE   (  And it is as exciting as she is!

Thank you, Alex.  Your description of the choice process was about the funniest, best piece you ever wrote.  I laughed and laughed.   I don’t know many bloggers and I certainly don’t know how many followers they have.  I’ll try to pass this along since I know how much it will mean to others who are just testing the water.  I want them to stay.  I have to try to be an Alex to them too.

The Nominees:

The Blissful Adventurer (  Michael is a sophisticated man who used to operate a successful business in a world that I don’t understand.   It’s a beautiful, shiny world that belongs to Foodies and Travelers who can afford it.  He is a true cognoscenti.  But, that isn’t what draws me to his blog and to him.  Under that soft shell, Michael is still the loveable, generous, little boy dreamer from that small town in Texas.  You’ll find that little boy adventurer in his writing and in his photographs.  You are going to love Michael on sight.

Lemony Shots   Melanie doesn’t know that I spy on her.  She says she’s looking “from the inside out”.  I think so…through a keyhole.  She sees the world in the same microcosmic way that I see it.  I like her photographs and I like the stuff she says.  I particularly like that I had trouble finding out much about her.   She just is.  I have no idea whether she has twenty or twenty thousand followers.  She’s a delight to visit.  She serves quintessential eye candy with her tea.

This Little Light  (  Cara Olsen is my Mollusk Girl follower.  In a casual comment on another blog, she referred to herself as having “skin like a mollusk”.   Her description stuck.  She gave me the name that’s always eluded me for those of us who are too sensitive for our own good.  Mollusk People will understand.   She’s a writer among other amazing stuff.  She’s probably received lots of awards.  I don’t know so if I broke the rules with her, I apologize.  You’ll like her.  I promise.

Weisserwatercolors     (  Lance Weisser  has followed me for some unknown reason that I appreciate.  He is as good as they get with a watercolor brush.  He paints what he knows.  His blog is uncluttered.  He is a humble man in spite of his rare talent and his success.  That makes him uncommon.  Again, I have no idea how many may follow him.  I do know that his work merits a huge audience.   If you are a lover of paint and clean, uncluttered, unassuming presence, visit Lance.  You will return for a mug of Wild Turkey and a visual experience you won’t forget.

Texasjcphotography  (  Jeremy Coldewey is even newer to WordPress than I.  His passions are wildlife management and wildlife photography.  He has hunted for his entire life.  He eats what he kills.  That’s how he grew up.  He is relatively new to photography, but he has the eye for it.  I want to encourage him to keep posting here.  His other blog is View From My Eyes.  Most of his work is posted there while he transfers it to WordPress.  Did I mention that he is the son-in-law who saddled me with THE ARCH NEMISIS?   Retribution, Child, Retribution…. 

Thank you to all the rest of you who have been so kind to me.  I know your names and your blogs, but you just had too many followers to qualify for this rookie award.  Bless all of you.

Did I do okay, Alex?   If not, to hell with it.  I’m done.  😉   Bless you, Child.

Uh-oh, Alex, I forgot the directions!    ‘Scuse me while I run on over to your blog to copy and paste!

The Rules:

1 – Thank the fellow blogger who nominated you.

2 – Link back to the person who awarded you.

3 – List five blogs that have affected your writing in a positive manner.

4 – Leave comments on those blogs to let them know of their nominations.

5 – Post the award on your blog. (I‘m assuming this final bit to be optional, however one should refer to the official Liebster Award Guide Book)

(Rules via Alex….She’s way more savvy about these thing than I am!)

7 Comments on “Alex Gave Me An Award!

  1. George, do you actually keep a parrot? I am jazzed you enjoy my efforts enough to nominate me. I am not sure if you had a chance to read my blog post about receiving the 7×7 blog award. I am such a fan of you and not the biggest of these kinds of awards. I tend to post of my own volition and at my own time so please understand if I do not follow the path laid out in the award herein.
    I will say that while I want to keep the charming persona I am not inclined to put myself out for the sake of good blog camaraderie. At the same time, I love our give and take. You gave me this award but I must take it only in name and not in deed as the case may be.
    Cheers my new and dear friend for thinking of me.


    • Michael, I don’t take these things seriously either. I’m sure the intent is to encourage new bloggers like me to keep doing it. It’s a nice way to share, I guess. I was pleased that Alex liked my blog so my acceptance was a tribute to her, actually. No, I don’t know what a 7×7 award is. I figured you had tons of followers so it wasn’t my intent to introduce you as a newbie. I don’t know anybody out here so you had to do as one…and I like you. I am trying to get through my piles of stuff so I can read your posts without hurrying through them. I never expected you to post an award. It just ain’t you, is it? 😉


      • George,
        I don’t have tons of followers and you hit the nail on the head with your good-sport reply. I think it is fun and games till someone gets hurt or spammed. Your comment was very similar to my friend’s who nominated me for the 7X7. I think you would get a kick out my response on that one.
        When I come back to Houston sometime this year I would adore the chance to photograph your cupboard with my lightbox and all my toys! I love all of this so very much 🙂


      • Well, of course, I keep a parrot. Would I make up such a thing? Even so I could quote Mark Twain? HaHa (Hell, I might at least embellish on the idea if it made for a good story!) If you read my blog, you’d have seen Rita, the quintessential Witch. Look at Anatomy of a Beak. I think that’s what I called it. I’ve had Rita for ten years or so. She’s material for at least a trilogy all by herself.


  2. You did wonderfully….as I knew you would. I’m still laughing…and smiling. Thanks for being such a good sport, for accepting so gracefully, and for your work.



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