Before I Forget

I ran into a couple of blogs recently that I think are unique in some way that fascinates me.  I am making a note of them here.

Lemony Shots (  This woman has a kind of microcosmic view of the world that interests me.  This particular photograph reminds me of Munch’s painting, “The Scream” or a series of “Screams”.  It is a slightly altered and colored rendition of the actual photograph.  She is able to present her interpretation of the photographs in a minimalist kind of way without throwing gobs of paint on them or forcing them into some grotesque abstraction of themselves.  She maintains the essential integrity of the subject.  I like that.  You won’t find “artsy” here.

From the series:  My Railway Adventure by Lemony Shots

 Niltsi’s Spirit ( or Spiral Dreamer as he calls himself.  His poetry, prose and photographs are honest and speak universal truth.  He is unassuming.  I am enjoying a trip back through his pages, and I think you would too.  An odd thing happened.  As I was looking for this photograph, I saw that he has posted my “Little Girl in A Mexican Bar”.  I never knew it.  That isn’t why I’m noting his work here, however.  I just thought it was an interesting coincidence.  I think many of us view the world as one.  His is a world of the forest floor of life.

Small World by Spiral Dreamer

Thank both of you for providing me with a different perspective.

2 Comments on “Before I Forget

  1. Thank you so much, George! I am honored that you would post my photograph on your blog, which, I have just said on my blog is my most favorite new blog on WordPress! I had actually prepared my post BEFORE seeing that you had posted a link to my blog here 🙂 (By the way, you already figured out the hyperlink thing.)

    I’m also so pleased to be paired with Spiral Dreamer, who was among the very first to encourage me as a new blogger. I encounter his generosity across WP (Thank you, Francis! You’re encouragement has meant a great deal to me!)



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