Not The One I Wanted

First Shot

First Shot

Today, as I was coming out of the same Walgreen where I snapped this sad first attempt at photography years ago, I passed by a muscular middle-aged man leaning against the bed of his truck.  He wore a white beard and a scowl.  He was smoking a cigarette and absently petting his golden lab dog who was riding in the bed of  the truck.  I spoke to the dog.  When I looked up from putting my package in the floor of  my own truck, I saw it.  That burly old man was wearing a black tee shirt with the words, “BIG PUPPY”, written across the back in a large, simple font even I could read.

I just sat there staring… helpless.  I didn’t have my camera.  I didn’t even have my iPhone.

7 Comments on “Not The One I Wanted

    • Yep. Typical of a small country town. It wouldn’t have worked without the man’s face anyway, and you can’t get a face and a back in the same photo! 🙂


    • Do you take lots of photos with your phone? Your photographs are always so unique with such clarity and color. Of course, I forget that you are a professional photographer! I’ll never forget the photos from the seedy hotel. Only a really creative professional could have made that place look “vintage” instead of ugly! I guess it struck me because I KNOW how the place really looked.


      • George,
        I take about 80% of my day to day photos with the iPhone. When I set out to shoot I use a Nikon D7000 DSLR. Since I have yet to sell a photo I cannot accept the professional tag. If I manage to sell a few books then perhaps it will change 🙂
        Thanks for the compliments


  1. But how I wanted that damn photograph! It’s forever going to be :the one that got away” for me. Thank you for making the stupid loss a little better! 😉



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