The Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef

There is one Pampered Chef who is damn well going to be a little less pampered for a few days until the weather warms up.  If the package had been labeled “Insulin Supplies”…well, that would have been a different story altogether.  With absolutely no solicitation or remuneration, I heartily endorse UPS who did  not leave this package at my door.  UPS are the guys who managed to get an iPhone and its Otter Box from me to a young man in Dhaka, Bangladesh without a hitch.  Etchings and other prints managed to get from old shops in Canada and London to me…completely intact.  That is, in the hands of UPS.

FedEx, however, seems to leave every other delivery at my door with absolute disregard for The Pampered Chef who lives at the other #205 .  The problem is that his #205 is not on my street in my three-street neighborhood.  I do not know the person who lives at the other #205.  I have never seen him even when I arrived at his door to leave a misdirected package.  I don’t believe he takes his walks by my house although I have been scrutinizing the Walkers lately trying to figure out which one might be The Pampered Chef.  I am certain he walks.  Walking is the kind of thing any decent pampered chef would do.  I’m thinking of giving up entirely and asking some random Walker headed in the direction of the other #205 to do me the favor of dropping it off.

Forget calling FedEx.

14 Comments on “The Pampered Chef

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  2. I never met a real pampered chef in my life. As part of my 1994 training at The Dubruelle French Culinary School, I asked to be sent to Cara International at the Vancouver Airport. I wanted to know, first hand, how airline food was prepared. Immediately, I was ordered to grill off 75 salmon steaks on a flame grill at one time. They were to be seared with grill marks on both sides til just cooked, then sent to the freezers. The Executive Chefs of British Airways, Lufthansa, JAL etc. were running about with clipboard carrying airline food inspectors, watching everyone like hawks. In the corner was this guy who did nothing for eight hours a day except make individual omelettes in an omelette pan, one right after the other. And then I was sent to another room where everyone was taking fresh whole fruit and turning it into fruit salad. Sometime later I was sitting on a plane (economy) while the food was being distributed. Usually we only got whatever was left, but on this particular day the attendants were asking if we wanted ‘chicken or beef’. The businessman in front of me was stalling the process by asking our attendant particulars about each. Finally, with only the slightest hint of exasperation in her voice, she leaned over to his ear and said, “Sir, this may not prove to be the greatest meal you’ve ever had in your life . . . . but there’s always ‘tomorrow'”. He swallowed, and then said softly, “I’ll take ‘the chicken'”.

    Both those experiences taught me the value of honouring those who attend to us. The service industry is made up of you and me. Not having gone on a flight since 2005, I imagine those meals and that service is history, but the lesson wasn’t lost on me.
    That said, I prefer UBS.


  3. Lord George….Pampered Chef is a brand of cookware and supplies that is sold at parties…like the old tupperware. Actually I think most people who sell it anymore just pass around catalogs. It is expensive but awesome stuff. They make a potato peeler that is like no other…you will never need another potato peeler again. It is so good, that I bought two because I was afraid I might misplace just one and wanted a backup. God forbid I should peel potatoes with a knife. They also make these rough surface pottery pie plates that make awesome pies…..the bottom crust comes out lusciously crisp and yummy. More than likely what is in the box is breakable and probably pretty costly. Sure the people are looking for it.


    • Hey, if you say the stuff is good, it’s good. You are the go-to person around these parts for information on what works and what doesn’t…along with recipes for out-of -the-world good food! I’ll try to get this box delivered in the morning. The Pampered Chef can thank YOU. 😉


  4. Had to check what pampered chef sold. My first reaction was cat food and the second was a product for cooks with bladder control problems. In all likelihood the “pampered chef’ doesn’t realize that you are part of the Volunteer FedEx Foot Patrol that has ensured arrival of kitchen treasures. 🙂


  5. Perhaps when you deliver the parcel, you will get an invitaion to dinner from the pampered chef, as a thank you gesture. A great friendship will be made.


    • I hope not. I think he’s the old man who wrote a harrowing tale on our neighborhood blog warning us about the “criminals” who “assaulted” his house with eggs and paint balls while the family was inside having dinner. According to him, the entire family hit the floor. The infamous assault frightened his granddaughter so badly that she doesn’t want to come back. Now,THAT was hysterically funny. He didn’t intend it to be funny. I’m certain my neighbors didn’t think so either. Sometimes, I wish I still lived in my old house in The Hood.



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