A Teapot for Lemony

Royal Lace
Royal Lace

Royal Copenhagen Full Lace Teapot

This is it.  The end of the Cupboard.  Yeah, there is other stuff in there, but I’m weary of it as the photographs have begun to show.  I promised one more for Lemony.  She will  like the Full Lace teapot.  She is a southern-born girl.  I knew it the moment I saw her playing dress-up in the outrageous old hat and the beautifully crafted clothing that southern women wore with such dignity and pride.  We judge a piece by the warp and the weave…by the width of a stitch, you know.   Here you go, Lemony, your Full Lace teapot.   An elegant, southern-sounding name for a pot from far off  Denmark.

My goodness, Dear.  Full lace?  How charming.  I really must have one.  You remember Aunt Elizabeth.  On the Wheaton side.  She came down two summers ago….

9 Comments on “A Teapot for Lemony

  1. My oh my, How I do just adore my tea…(she says with her best southern inflection).
    I have some blue willow (my favorite to look at). I had many at one time; until the cupboard fell over onto my spider-man son; but, that’s another story.
    I use a green pot from Bennington Pottery daily. My grandmother and I used to share a love of Earl Grey (twinings). This brought many memories flooding back, thank you for that, 🙂



  2. First of all, can I just say how much I love hearing you use the words “Child” and “reckon” Oh, I just love it! Someday, George, we’ll have talk . . .

    These teapots are deliciously gorgeous. I have a few such teacups and saucers on my bookshelf. I love littering my space with pretty things of all kinds, never abiding by conventional decorating standards. My favorite is a beige teacup with a lime green farm scene printed on the china.

    I’m a little saddened your cupboard photos are over. What will you show us now?


    • Cara, you’re going about your life the right way. Buy what you like without the slightest consideration for whether it fits anywhere. If you see something that stirs you, walk away for a few minutes. If it still sticks in your head, buy it, regardless of whether you can afford it. I have bought and cycled through and given away enough stuff to accessorize and furnish at least two or three houses. My niece and her husband bought a condo in Boston where they lived until he completed his residency in pediatric cardiology at Harvard. They renovated the place and decorated it in what he referred to as the “De La George” period style. They sent photographs that made me smile. They kept the things after they moved on. I have pared down my collections to a manageable number finally. I enjoyed giving the pieces away as much as I ever enjoyed having them. More, I think. Thank you for enjoying my nutty world.

      Wanna’ see my pantry? I’m hungry all of a sudden!


      • This is sound advice, George. And I think I do, or I have. Yes, is the answer I’m giving. LOL. This method of stirring, walking away, and either coming back or moving on has worked well thus far. I’m a bit of a contradiction when it comes to managing money. On the one hand, I believe in saving, frugality, and conditioning my willpower on a regular basis. Just because I want it doesn’t mean I should have it. Not always. With equal assurance, I believe money should not be the guiding force behind every decision. The root of all evil isn’t money — it’s people putting money above people.

        “I enjoyed giving the pieces away as much as I ever enjoyed having them. More, I think.” Love this, George.

        Yes. Yes I do. Show it to me. Maybe we can have a snack together?


  3. As a tea enthusiast with a passion for tea vessels and tea paraphernalia of all sorts, I am thrilled to see this Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Full Lace Teapot, the star of the collection! Thank you, thank you George! It’s beautiful! What a fun post, too! 🙂


  4. Perfect – I can visualize grandmotherly, prim, and proper ladies enjoying afternoon tea discussing all sorts of events !



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