From Coastal Crone

Horror Road by Coastal Crone

I took this from Coastal Crone’s Flickr images without her permission.  Please do not reproduce it as all rights to the photograph belong to her.  You can find her blog and her poem that sticks in your head, “Havana Browns”, at  I had no idea she was such a phenomenally talented photographer.  This photograph is much more impressive in its larger size.  There is a link to it on her blog.

Addendum:  My apologies to Coastal Crone.  This photograph was not shot by her.  I thank her for correcting me and directing us to the photographer, Ricarrdo Casarico:

5 Comments on “From Coastal Crone

    • Two old coastal crones, we are, both stumblers! But look at what we find! I should have paid more attention. I apologize for having embarrassed you. The shiny thing is that through our love of the photograph, we shared it, and you will tell us Mr.Casarico’s story. I think he wouldn’t mind.

      Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and of others.


  1. Oh, my! I am embarrassed. I love the photo but I did not take it! (It looks like a scene from the movie, “The Third Man.”) I just added Flickr to my sidebar as interest and had no idea that it would be an indication that they any were mine as they keep changing all the time. Perhaps I should remove Flickr! My blog is fairly new and I am findng my way around and did not mean to take credit for anyone else’s work. “Havana Browns” IS my poem – thank you for your comments on it.



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