A Message From Ana

A Message From Ana

A Message From Ana

There is a tender story in this snapshot, but that is not the reason for posting it here.  I want to tell my story of the classic Cuban beauty and the Bare Essentials when I find the words.

While I was thinking about our discussion of the image we yearn to present of ourselves to the world, this little snapshot poked me.  It took on a new dimension…one that has nothing to do with its story.  It has to do with me.  I came here thinking that I would post my favorite photographs and make a note or two about them just for ME.  I never considered that anybody else would find them much less enjoy them.  That is the way I am.  I never think before I leap.  Then something happened.  You came and I began to believe you were real.  That you liked me just because I am me.  I still believe that.

I feel as if I know you, have known you for a very long time.  You appeared at  my door bringing the gift of yourselves and your own wondrous creations.  You have overwhelmed me.  I feel guilt.  I have cheated you because I am not fast enough to keep up.  I miss your posts in my scramble to post my own stories, to hold onto my new friends.  I have become self-absorbed…enjoying the sound of my own voice…and the image I have crafted of the “woman who kept a parrot”.  I am that woman, but I am disappointed in her today.

I decided to try to put my house in order.  I want to respond to the award nominations that are important to me because of the people who sent them.  I want to compile the list of books that I’d choose if I could only have seven to read over and over for the rest of my life.  I want to read every line and absorb every image on every blog I know.   I want to find the people you have introduced me to.  And, most important, I want to find you where you live.

So, I am putting away the “Bare Essentials Makeup” and setting off on a journey to your doors.   My stories can damn well wait.

Bon Voyage, Old Parrot Woman!

23 Comments on “A Message From Ana

  1. Wow, that is quite the task your presenting for yourself, I mean it’s just so difficult as there’s so many interesting & incredibly talented people out there, here. And you know what, that’s one of the main reasons I decided to start blogging in the first place. I was lonely, and literally starving for companionship, and that’s what drew me here. And I know what you mean, it’s so difficult maintaining that balance between being “self absorbed” and listening to everyone, because, well, the sheer number of awesome people boggles the mind. But yeah, I hear you, and you put it beautifully.

    Can I suggest a book that’s on my list of seven? It’s Fernando Pessoa’s ‘Book of Disquiet’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Book_of_Disquiet). Where ever I go my beat up copy follows…

    P.S That little project of mine is finally active. And all I keep thinking is, what have I done, LOL. I actually wanted to send you an email to tell you this, but alas, there’s no address on your blog! Tsk-tsk.


    • I’m laughing because I entered my email address in the wrong reply! I expect emeliat will understand. He’s just below this reply. I bet he’s wondering why the hell I sent him my email address. Oh, well. It’s fun here. Thank you for your link to “Book of Disquiet”. I don’t know it, but I will find it. The title “belongs” to me. I know it.

      I’m happy that your project is off the ground. You’re going to have one great adventure. Again, my email is gweaver@suddenlink.net.

      Have fun!! Remember to SEE. 😉


  2. You have described the overwhelming enchantment & potential of social media. Like any enchantment it is both a blessing and a curse. There are those who use it to fulfill a neediness to be seen and heard, throwing more and more rocks into the pool, creating cascading ripples of self-absorption. Others use a small community of like minded tweeters to justify their world view and self importance. But there are those that offer gifts to others and receive in return an ever widening world of diversity. In this this diversity we can find common fellowship beyond age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, race & ethnicity. Thanks for reminding us of this with your blog. 🙂
    **** Don’t let the desire to blog overwhelm you to the point it becomes a chore. You set the rules and goals of your own blog.


    • Bless you. You always “get it”, don’t you. Were you my child in another life? I think so. 😉

      You described precisely what I found too. The good thing is that all of us, no matter how fractured we are, can find a voice here. We are a forgiving lot, after all. My email is gweaver@suddenlink.net. I think I left it on my about page? Probably not since I still don’t have a clue about what I’m doing here!

      Thank you for your forever and always encouragement! (I got that backwards, didn’t I? It belongs to Mr.Trite Who Bites anyway. He can have it back.


    • You will have to forgive me. I left my email address in my response to you by mistake! Good grief! I lost a twenty dollar bill in my car awhile ago too. Now, that requires talent!


  3. My very, VERY, dear woman….do you have any idea how beautiful you are? I’m sure you must. Each time I come here to see your latest work I find more and more people here, more and more comments on your work, more and more friends who you’ve drawn to yourself. I’m quite sure this is not new to you. I’m certain you’ve been doing this all your life in one way or another. I’ve no doubt that you could walk into this room where I sit at this very moment and you and I would talk as if we’ve known each other forever. I’d make coffee and we’d sit out by the pool under the Texas stars (yes, we could do that tonight in San Antonio…and you wouldn’t even need a jacket) and we’d talk for hours. I’m equally sure you could do this with any of the people who’ve commented on this post. You would be welcome, because with each post, with each photograph, with each line you write, you welcome us into your life. And I for one am humbled by the experience.

    Do exactly what makes you happy, not a bit more….and certainly never a bit less! (Just between me and you….thinking before you leap is highly over-rated!)


    • Lord, that sounds inviting. Maybe one day we’ll actually do it. I’d like that. I really, really would like that.


    • You got that dead to rights, Cowboy. I never heard it put quite that way. I like that. I’ll try to remember it! Thank you.


    • Lord, I don’t lie awake nights worrying about this thing. It doesn’t matter what you do. Just do what you do and share what you like. There is a little graph thing somewhere on here that counts how may people pass by. I forget where it is, but they give you the tour of it when you try to find how to do stuff. The only time I saw it, I was astounded by the number of people who had passed by without liking a damn thing on my blog. I appreciated that. They didn’t feel compelled to click “like” to please me. Now, I “like” that aspect of blogging compared to FB where we think we have to go around “liking” everything. There is real honesty here that I don’t find anywhere else. That’s what is so special about the people here. I don’t feel judged. I feel accepted. And that feels good. 😉


    • I’m comin’ right on by your place, Totsy Mae. Be there by mornin’ if the creek don’t rise no more’n she’s already rose!

      Did I tell you that I cannot say “them” in a sentence? It is not possible. When you write dialect, please don’t use “em”. We don’t say, “I like ’em”. Every writer I ever read makes that-dead-give-away mistake. When our folks talk, “like them” is one word, “likeum”. Never two words. Try it. See, I’m right. 😉


  4. You are WAY too hard on yourself. The great thing about blogs is that the posts remain in perpetuity. Our words will wait for you. Your path it seems is only becoming clearer by the day. Do not feel compelled by duty if there is a muse in your presence. Follow your bliss George. We are not going anywhere.


    • “In perpetuity” is a long time, Michael. I have to scurry about trying to discover the things I’ve missed! I’m afraid muses don’t frequent my world often. I am always desperately seeking Mneme, but the witch eludes me when I need her most! 😉



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