Blind Squirrel Adventures No. 1

Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie

You knew I couldn’t do it, didn’t you?  Stop talking, I mean.  You were right…as you always are.

Fortune Cookie

I have to tell you one more send-off story.  Late last night, I felt hungry so I drove over to what I call “The Working Man’s Chinese Food Place”.  It’s stuck in a little storefront corner of an old strip center not far from me.  I eat there once or twice a week regardless of how I am dressed.  I only eat a plate of steamed rice with a mound of Colonel Joe (or whoever he is) chicken.  Nothing else except a glass of water to wash it down.  They know me.  Last night, the owner whom I can only barely understand, told me I had been missing for a whole week.  I bet they thought I was dead.  He brought a little dish with two bacon-wrapped shrimp for me to try.  He’s never done that before.  I wondered if he sensed my little adventure.

I never take the cellophane-wrapped fortune cookie that always sits on top of the cheque in the little brown plastic tray.   Last night, I did.  I was thinking of my adventure and what to call it.  As a private joke, I cracked open the cookie to find whatever wisdom the Master might offer the Tadpole.  There was nothing in it.   Absolutely nothing.  Not even a roach.

12 Comments on “Blind Squirrel Adventures No. 1

  1. You crack me up George, for real. I thought I was the only one that deemed an excursion to the Chinese Restaurant dressed shabbily late in the evening an adventure.


    • You know we are soul sisters, Sue. I remembered the “old saying”, as we call them, when you reminded me of it awhile back. That’s where I got the title for my Blind Squirrel Adventures. You always inspire me, don’t you!


  2. I just love your posts.
    I’ve been preoccupied and am only today trying to catch up, and this immediately caught my attention (as do all your images).

    I love your stories, and this resonates the way they all do. . . .
    I was at this All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet place in Northern Ontario one time—just like the one you’re describing near your home.
    Anyway, I don’t usually bother with the Fortune Cookies either (at our age, who needs/wants to know about the future?).
    But I opened it, and it said,
    “You will meet a handsome man—(hope you like men)”

    I laughed til my chair nearly tipped over.


    • I’m laughing too. Don’t you dare make my chair tip over. Hell, I could break a hip! That’s the best fortune cookie story I EVER heard. You really do have to start telling us your stories. They are priceless…and you know it!


    • Ha ha ha ha! That’s fantastic! (Sorry to jump in, but I couldn’t help but see your comment, since I was visiting at the same time).

      Love your story, and George’s too.


      • Lemony, that man has the best stories in his head. I laughed about as hard as he did when he told us about his fortune cookie. If only we could pry the stories out of him. His comments on my posts are always better than my posts. I love it.


  3. It’s obvious that you have been missing out on nothing by not taking all the previous fortune cookies, no news is good news, isn’t that what they say?


  4. Yes. The soundless sound wrapped in a Mokurai koan. I felt a little like Toyo when I saw it empty. I am sad when I know that I will never hear that sound in this life. You are wise.


  5. You found the sound of one hand clapping. Mostly they wrap it in a koan, but on occasion they put it in a fortune cookie. You are very lucky indeed ! 🙂



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