Blind Squirrel Adventures No. 2

Salt Lake City Sea-Gull

Salt Lake City Sea-Gull

Today, I really did make a start.  And what a start it was.  I went looking for the last person to visit my blog.  I found him at “Pieces Of Me And Other Sundry Things”.  He is Scott Brill.  I liked him right off because he offered “pieces of me”.   I knew if he offered that, it would be enough.  The first thing I saw was this lovely photograph of a resting seagull.  I read his story about the “Miracle of the Gulls” and the almost revered place the birds hold with the faithful of the Mormon Church.   At my first stop, I found something I did not know.  (  I saw beautiful images and wonderfully written essays.  This blog is a treasure.

I read on.  In his “About The Blog” section, he told me a lot about himself.  He also told me something else.  He directed me to parts of his blog where I could find what might most interest me:  ...if you’re looking for reflections on life, dig into the archives of the first two years of the blog…if you’re interested in captured images of the natural world, you’ll encounter those in the more recent posts.  Scott has been at this for a long time.  I did not search further, but I know the sweetest water is at the bottom of the well.  That’s where I will begin at my next visit.

Thank you, Scott.

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