The Awesome Blog Content Award

From KofeGeek

I recently had the honor of receiving two Awesome Blog Content awards from two authors of really awesome blogs.  I am grateful for the awards, but I am forever grateful for the friendship these two girls have extended to me and for their interest in my little stories.  My combination of these awards from two distinctly different, but equally wonderful young women absolutely does not diminish their value to me.

Awesome Blog Content Award

From Nia

 The title of Nia’s blog, “Photographyofnia”, is deceptive in it’s syntactic sterility.  There is nothing like that here.  There are sumptuous photographs of old buildings here.  Each softened and made beautiful again in Nia’s hands.  There is the sea as only Nia views it here.  And there are the cats here.  Nia’s friends, the fascinating array of  Street Cats.  She is extraordinary in all of the ways one would expect of a skilled photographer and artist.  But there is more here.  It’s called “soul”.   A word we should have reserved for the Nias who walk ever so softly among us.  You will find Nia in her world of sunshine and happiness.  No need for trepidation here.  Nia will touch your heart as lovingly and gently as she touches her creations.  This is the path to her door:   I am more than honored to accept this award.   Thank you, dear Nia.

This award was was created by Alyson and David Sheldrake of  “The thought Palette”.  The history and the rules for this award are here should you choose to accept it:

From KofeGeek

From KofeGeek

I don’t know KofeGeek well.  I do know that any girl who loves coffee, unabashedly admits she’s a geek, and visits an old woman who keeps a parrot  is a girl after my heart.  One look at her incredibly creative response to the requirements of this award will leave you smiling even if you stop right there.  Don’t miss her wonderful illustrations and sketches at the link called “Kofe Sketches”. You’ll find Moty The Big Nose there.  He’s a character from real life and he deserves to illustrate his own children’s book.  KofeGeek girl does so many things so well and so fast that I can’t keep up with her.  I hope she understands.  By the way, she’s charming and funny and terribly talented.  Go see her:

Thank you, KofeGeek Girl.  You inspire me to stay young and curious on this journey.  And you remind me to pack my sense of humor for the trip!  I love you for being young and geeky and for appreciating an old woman’s stories.   I accept this award because I believe you meant it.  Bless you.

The rules are the same for both versions of the Awesome Blog Award:

1.  Thank the person who gave you the award.

2.  Nominate others to receive the award for their own awesome blog content, and notify them of their nomination.

3.  Use the ABCs to describe something about yourself or your philosophy in a word, a sentence or a short paragraph.

Here we go… an obligatory shot at compliance with #3 of the ABC Award rules:

A.    Awful.    I’d prefer to claim something romantic like “avant-garde”, but it wouldn’t be the truth.

B.     Bulldozer.    I never acquired the touch for a scalpel.  I bring a bulldozer to the problem.

C.     Careless.   I’d prefer “cautious”, but you already know better.

D.     Devoted.   Now that one is true if we’re talking about my animals,  family,  friends.

E.     Empathetic.  True.  An albatross shared by all social workers.

F.      Foibles.    Lots and lots of them.

G.     Generous.   Yes, I am a generous…when I want to be.

H.     He.   The gender-neutral Pronoun who lost the battle when Grammar fought Social Correctness.  Grammarians remain deeply troubled.  Me too.

I.      Incorrigible.  To the bone.

J.      Joyful.   Are you kidding, George?   Even the WORD annoys you.

K.     Kafkaesque.   A pretty accurate description of my world view.

L.     Listing.    In the sense of a departure from the true vertical, yes.

M.    Mock-heroic.   Yep.  It’s an ailment for which there is no known cure.  Not even an efficacious treatment.

N.    Nocturnal.   As much so as any owl or tavern keeper who ever lived.

O.   Anopisthographic.   Or as Sellar and Yeatman parodied it in 1066, “Do not on any account attempt to write on both sides of the paper at once.”

P.  Pseudo Intellectual.   From my dreamy college days forward.  (Aren’t most of us?  Propped up by an online thesaurus and Google, she’s easy.  See “O”.)

Q.  Queer.   I used to love that richly descriptive word…. before The Bigots stole her original archaic charm.

R.  Reckless.   Of course.

S.   Sentient.   Still.   Although I confess I recently took the STMS (Short Test of Mental Status) to check on my own cognition.  “Mr. Johnson rolled an apple through a tunnel for charity.”  Lord, I hope those four words are still on the for-real-test when that day comes.

T.    Transient.   Sometimes I wish I were the noun.  Other times, I know my whole life has been defined by the adjective.

U.   Un-.   I am a lot of “un” things all twisted together to make the most unlikely, unabashed and unabridged old hermit I know.

V.   Vision.    I wish I could claim it.  Nowadays,  I’m afraid the term is restricted to my eyesight.

W.   Wisdom.   A myth perpetuated by old people who are no wiser than anybody else.

X.     Xanadu.    The only “X” word I ever liked.   And, Lord, what a magical word it is.

Y.     You.    All of you.  You take care of me.  You give me inspiration.  You give me hope.  You teach me.  You accept me.  You respect me.   I love you.  All of you.

Z.      Zero.   The net sum of everything we think we know.


I am delighted to nominate the following bloggers for their own Awesome Blog Content award.  They are listed in no particular order.  Do what you will with this award.  I offer it to you simply because you write blogs that I consider to be awesome in their content.

“ Little Stories of…”  Rita Maxwell has another blog that she began to write before she knew about WordPress.  She writes it as Miss Donna:    It is titled  “Interdisciplinary Studies Journal”.  In that blog, she writes interesting, impeccably researched pieces on such topics as race, evolution of rock and roll, Bahrain, the Poetry of Donovan, and other stuff.  Don’t miss her new effort in “Little Stories”.  I don’t know Donna except from social media connections, but I do know that she is brilliant and funny.  And, best of all, she’s a bag lady like me.  Her training was in journalism and it shows.  She was a radio broadcaster and a bunch of other stuff. She is new here.  I know you will encourage her the way you encouraged me.

 “Things I Love”  You know Alex Autin, I’m sure.  She writes about a lot of stuff.  Her photographs are awesome too.  The combination is fascinating.  She has a unique view of the world and an equally unique and skillful approach to revealing it in her blog.  She is not “tall and willowy”.  (Forgive the private joke)  She is on a Pan AM journey.  But she’ll tell you about that.

“Experience North Cape”   She is “Erica From America” transplanted in North Cape, Norway. Here she writes and displays photographs of her new home in North Cape.  The recent posts of photographs of the ice that forms natural sculptures on the harbor and town are breathtaking.  Here is the link to her other blog, “Once Upon A Dream”:   I love that one because she reveals her delightful personality and charm as she works and plans for the gallery she will open soon.  She is an artist.  Did I mention that?

“One Cowboy’s Way”   Watch out for Cowboy.  He’ll ambush you right when you glance down at a rock on the trail.   Take “Dane Husbands Lament”, for instance.  Who expected that?   He puts together the most fun, interesting, heartbreaking, nostalgic, finest work of his own and others.   He is a poet, an ancient soul, a modern journalist and an observer of the human condition.  He makes us think.  Yep, he believes thoughtful contemplation is still possible.

“Light Touch”  Utham does indeed have a light touch.  This is a photography site.  Utham has the courage to allow his photography to speak for itself with only the suggestion of a comment in each titled photograph.  You won’t find extraneous stuff here.  Just absolutely startling photography….untouched and pure.   Don’t miss the photograph of the ancient face titled, “What’s up?”

“A Moment of Your Time, If You Don’t Mind”  Mr. Mole is Mike from the UK.  He is a street photographer.  If there is anything on earth I wish for that I don’t have it’s to be a really good street photographer.  I pour over their images in the books of their work like a pathologist gone mad.  Determined to find their secrets.  I know it will never happen.  Street Photographers are story tellers.  This one is good.

Ana’s Lense   Ana is new to WP too.  She lives in Dallas, Texas.  She’s a photographer.   What you see in her images is pretty much what she saw…no fancying up.   Hers is the eye of a composer.  She has something to say, but I cannot persuade her to say it.  She’s shy, you see.  Her photographs speak for themselves, but I’d like to hear the stories behind the photographs too.  I want to encourage her as you encouraged me.

“Pieces of Me and Other Sundry Things”   Seekraz doesn’t need an introduction.  He does that himself in his “About” statement.  And he delivers precisely what he promises.  His is a fine example of how to write a blog.  I re-blogged a post of his once…before I decided I didn’t want to see WP turn into Tumblr.  I could re-blog his posts every day just for my own reading pleasure, but I won’t.


I’m weary.  I’m not good at this.  It is taking me forever.  I am missing people whom I’d like to include.  I would include blogs like (Michael’s or Totsy Mae’s, for example) but some people are just not “awards” people.  And that’s okay too.  I’m not much of an awards person either, but I wanted to share some of the awesome content blogs with you so I did my best.

I am not nominating Lorna, of course.  I am including a link to what is perhaps the funniest and most honest paragraph I have read in a long time.  Thank you, Lorna!

Lorna’s Voice   When I visited Lorna’s blog to collect information for this award, I felt like the village idiot.  There are a few awards there that I’ve heard of and more that I never heard of.  She doesn’t want another award, for certain.   She’ll be posting on Thursdays now.  She’s a writer.  And a good one.  I wanted to swipe the illustration of  her problem (writing and typing) and my own, but WP makes that tough.  Just drop by and laugh with Lorna and me as you read her post,  “It Wasn’t Just The Bossa Nova”.  If I could nominate, I’d give her a Pulitzer for that single paragraph.

Note:  Art informed me that the original ABC badge is the first one above, and I thank him.   I have used the badge that each girl awarded me.  I will leave them as they are because each is irrevocably linked to the wonderful person who gave it to me.  I do not apologize for what some folks may consider either a faux pas or a deliberate departure from the Rules.   The essence of the award does not wear a badge.

12 Comments on “The Awesome Blog Content Award

  1. Congratulations on the award, George…you are so deserving…and two of them! How sweet is that?! Thank you, so much, for sharing the honor by passing it on to me…and your other blog friends. Thank you for introducing them to us. I shall have to visit them and get to know your other special people. Congrats again…and thank you again. You are precious. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on receiving this award. In the short time I’ve been following your blog, your writing has touched and intrigued me. I appreciate your nomination, and once my three kids settle in for the night I’m going to take the time to look at all the blogs your recommended. Have a wonderful Sunday. Erica


  3. Congrats on the awards – I’m just beginning to get into your blog so I’m not 100% familiar with it, but I can already tell the awards are well deserved 🙂


    • Serendipity? I was reading several of your posts when I saw my comment light up. I LIKE what your write, the way you write it, and the way you tie it together with music. I’ve not seen that before, and I am enjoying it immensely. Thank you for stopping by! I follow you, but I’d forgotten it. Shame on me!


      • Thanks so much – I really appreciate the kind words. My blog is just getting started and I need to get my Who, What Why, Where, When and How pages of explanation up there, but I’m pleased with what I have done so far. My thinking was that everyone listens to some form of music and everyone has their own corresponding memories. For a multitude of different reasons, I made the decision to record as many of these musical memories as possible – my biggest reason is so my son can get to know me better when he’s older.

        Hopefully it will all become more apparent as I write more…

        RE following my blog – it’s cool, I don’t have a whole lot of time myself, so I won’t hold that against you though LOL I’d love to hear any thoughts, comments or suggestions you might have though.


  4. Congratulations on the Award George! Loved your ABC’s too 🙂 Especially O – I can’t even pronounce it!


  5. Congratulations, dear woman, on the well deserved recognition of your outstanding work, and bravo on your gracious acceptance. I enjoyed reading your ABC’s and I look forward to checking out the work of those who’ve presented you this award as well as those you’ve passed it forward to….and speaking of this, I thank you very much for the mention. It’s so very kind of you.


  6. Congratulations George and thank you for nominating my blog ! I’m honored that you enjoy it enough to do that.


  7. You are welcome, Dear George, you are so nice, I’m humbled now… I don’t know what to say, but this is clear, very clear, this is because of your beautiful heart… Thank you so much, I can never forget you and your beautiful words and your amazing photographs… You have a precious place in my humble world, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia


  8. Congratulations on the award! it’s always lovely to see the award travelling around!
    and by the way – the award is the same cos it’s all one award – just somewhere along the road someone decided to change the badge – no idea who they are (they’re not owning up to it anyway!)
    love your A to Z!
    happy blogging!


    • I finally figured out that the different badges represented the same award, but I used the badge that the girls sent to me because each badge represented each girl. Thanks for telling me about it.



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