Chinchilla Dreams

Native Che
Native Che

Chinchilla Lanigera

No. 2

High in the Andes Mountains

Che-Che roams alone

The rocky cliffs made of steel


Note:  Chinchillas have been in the US for fifty years.  They are extinct in the Andes where they lived among the rocks at 15,000 ft. The only remaining colonies live on protected preserves in Chile.  They are nocturnal animals who retain their wild instincts.  Our day dreams are their night dreams.  A researcher brought the original twelve animals back from the Andes fifty years ago.  All of the existing chinchillas in the US were bred from that original twelve.

11 Comments on “Chinchilla Dreams

  1. This is a beautiful view of that famous animal. I don’t think it is more immoral to kill an animal for its warm coat, than to kill it in order to eat it… but in either case, it seems to our own advantage to preserve the existence of these animals in our world. How sad that they were wiped out in their own territory.


  2. I did not know any of that. Are the offspring of those original twelve in a protected area now, too?

    Beautiful detail on the photo…I love those whiskers.


    • Thanks, Victor. Yes, I’m afraid we haven’t changed it for the better!


  3. Was that a Chinchilla coat I saw you with yesterday ?
    No, my Chihuahua has a hormone problem. 😉

    Lovely image. Of all the animals to select for fur coats, those little things make little sense. My wife’s family were furriers, had their own shop. My wife said the biggest advantage was that as a rodent, the chinchillas bred very rapidly. As to quality of fur, it really didn’t rank that high. However, the exotic origin and name made them significant for a while. My attitude to hunting and trapping changed a bit when I moved north. When you have students whose family actually hunt to supplement the food for the year, you see things a bit differently.


    • I know. I saw a full-length vintage coat for sale on eBay for $14,000. The thing looked exactly like what it was…rows and rows of little dead animals strung together to make a coat. UGH. How ugly it was. I had a soft leather coat once that I loved. It has a large, lush Russian fox collar. I loved it. The fur never changed it appearance for all the years I wore it. I almost wish I still had it. I fully understand hunting for food and profit. It’s a little absurd to think wildlife can survive with only natural predators to control populations. Maybe once, but we’ve spoiled that. Chinchillas were over-hunted for their pelts. But, they fed indigenous people too. We are romantic when we aren’t hungry, huh?


  4. WOW! This is so impressive photograph… I know these beautiful animals… Especially with their amazing fur coats… I am against to these people who kill them because of this. I think they are now in protected area… Thank you dear George, I loved it so much. Have a nice week, with my love, nia



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