Gone Off to Visit

Lizard In The Gutter
Lizard In The Gutter

Gutter Lizard

No, I did not have a stroke.  No, I am not in the nursing home…yet.  I did not fall and can’t get up.  And, I certainly did not run away from home.  

I am off for a couple of days.  I am going calling.  Calling on friends who call on me.  Calling on friends who support me.  Calling on friends who make me smile.  Calling on friends who write fascinating blogs that I don’t seem to find the time to read.  I have made too many mental notes.  I have lost track of your posts.  

I leave you with one of my favorite photographs by my favorite photographer.  http://texasjcphotography.wordpress.com/.

Hasta la vista, Baby!

32 Comments on “Gone Off to Visit

  1. Love the picture of your gutter lizard, the detail of his skin is beautiful.


    • Thanks. The photograph was shot by my son-in-law. He will be pleased you liked it. 🙂


    • I’m coming, girl, I’m coming! I laughed when I recalled my first post on here. It was a shot of the tiniest planets in our solar system or something. I said nothing. I think I was looking for a photo to try out and that was the photo of the day for NASA! Now, you see what a monster you created. You can’t shut me up! It’s your fault. I’m going to put a notice on my blog advising that the complaints department is your blog…. 😉


    • I told the story, I think, of my grandson wearing his costume and leaping off the arm of the sofa onto the cushions with his arms flung heavenward declaring, “To infinity and Veryond”! No typo…That’s precisely what the little drama queen shouted as he leaped off into infinity.


  2. Beautiful picture, and very considerate of you to let us know that you are all right. Enjoy yourself. You are so sweet.


    • Thank you, Shimon. You are a dear man, yourself, you know. I worried when you went to Galilee.


  3. Have a nice holiday and enjoyable times dear George, this was amazing photograph. Made me afraid too 🙂
    Thank you, be sure I will be missing you….
    Blessing and Happiness,
    with my love, nia


    • Ha Ha. These lizards are harmless. They eat mosquitoes and bugs. They are really very nice and pretty too. We protect them. Once, I saw one on the hood of my car as I left my house. I stopped a few houses down the way to get him off. When I threw him in the man’s yard, he glared at me! He should have been happy to see the little guy. Some people are nuts! I will be over to your blog soon.


  4. This is so wonderful! And even though you’re off for awhile…I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the ABC award…I’m hopeless at setting up links..so when you get a chance, visit my blog and you’ll see your “mention”.! I understand the need for a break,,it’s all a bit overwhelming sometimes.


    • Zannyro! I laughed and laughed when I discovered that I got the award mixed up! I could not figure out why in the world you’d nominate ME for a “blog on fire” or whatever that award is. There is nothing on fire here. That award would not have fit me at all. I was happy to learn that I was mistaken. It is so nice to think you like the content here. That’s what is important to me. I am folksy and foolish and I love it. I am also shameless, as you know. Just laugh and shake your head. Granny will be Granny! It was really sweet of you to nominate me. I will get around to passing it along. I wish I knew new bloggers whose blogs are good. I just don’t know many. Everybody is an old hand at this except me, I think! 🙂 I have to tell you that I never in my life expected young people to read this or to like it enough to come back and give me an award. Bless you!


      • Well now…how young is young? Everybody’s YOUNG!!
        I’m not an old hand, just started in Sept. and I’m always messing up these award things! I’m going to have to shorten them up some if no one will be offended…but..I digress..you DO deserve an award! How about the “I put up with Zannyro and lived to tell about it” Award…Ta-Da-Da-Duh….that was the sound of trumpets………….wear the crown with pride my queen!! heeheeheeheehee


        • You just gave me the new name of the ABC award. The last time I passed on that award, I got a reprimand from the “Chief Of Awards” instantly. He said the original ABC award logo was the kids’ ABC looking one. Somebody along the way sophisticated it up into a gold and black logo. I had received both styles so I used the style that each person sent me. He didn’t like it, I suppose, but I left it as it was. Lots of people do not want to accept awards and some state it on the blog. I think it’s a great way to encourage new bloggers and to compliment each other. I know it takes a few minutes, but it’s worth the time. I didn’t read the rules. I just did my thing and went on about my business. Of course! 😉



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