Massacre In The Garden

Lady in the Garden

The Blade


Lady in the Garden

Lady Myrtle in the Garden


The Others Fell Where They Stood

The Others Fell Where They Stood ~Slain


She turns to flee...

She turns to flee.


Too late to escape...

The Way is blocked.


Girl lies dead

The End

18 Comments on “Massacre In The Garden

  1. Beautifully done George. I was transfixed(rooted to the spot as it were) by the narrative. Love how the irony is both tragic & comic at the same time.


    • I tried to force my son-in-law to say something nice about these. No luck. His comment was, “I like natural photographs better”. Ha Ha I love that man! Glad you liked this little commentary.


  2. What a great photographs… Impressive too. Thank you dear George, you open a window for us to see the nature closer… With my love, nia


    • I like the tongue-like sword. The underside of the bark of the wax myrtle is really a deep, lovely color. Thanks for listening to my tale.


  3. It is hard to ignore a sense of tragedy in these picture; harsh and violent… but there is beauty too, which touched me in a way that the first set didn’t… even reminders of human scars along the way, and the bright colors and the abstraction allow me to enjoy your tale in part. I found the fourth picture excellent.


    • If you would like to download anything on my blog, you can click on the images. The full resolution photographs are there. The fourth picture is my favorite too. This was a wax myrtle tree. They have short life spans, and this one was failing. They have very interesting bark patterns. The bark sheds like crepe myrtle trees leaving a dark wood underneath. When I saw this limb, I thought of a human form. It was lying on the ground. I walked around photographing it from different angles. I recognized that the scar on the limb matched the torn bark sword still attached to the stump of the tree. I could not escape the feeling that the savage cutting of this tree was a metaphor for the violence I see every day in the world.

      I was immediately struck by it in a way I could not escape. Humans are capable both of great kindness and savage brutality. Mankind has ripped itself apart since the beginning of time. However, I do not believe we have the capacity to experience joy absent sorrow. A certain tension in life is necessary. Otherwise, we would have happily sat under an olive tree and starved to death. The problem seems to me to lie in man’s total inability to control his proclivity for violence as a means to every end…individuals and nations alike. I believe these things are true. I am not a morose kind of person, but I cannot refuse to see. I don’t think I ever owned a “pretty picture” although I like them. Life is not a one-sided coin. I saw both great beauty and great sorrow in that tree limb. Perhaps, for me, it is a metaphor for humankind.


      • I agree with you completely, George… both in the way you saw the particular picture that we both liked, and what you say about people, and our relationship to some of the darker aspects to human behavior. Thank you very much for the permission to download a picture from your site. I think I will download that one. It seems to me, that it would have been even stronger standing alone… but that is a question of taste, and I can understand your choice, as all the pictures were really good.


        • Thank you. I would have preferred to have her stand alone too, but then I would have had to write the tale…nobody reads here. Well, that isn’t true. I just didn’t want to write what I felt about it so I used the photographs.

          I am honored that you like it enough to download it. Thank you. I cannot think of a greater compliment.

          As I said, download anything you like. You have made me feel really good, Shimon. You have a way of doing that.


  4. I know one thing. I will not get in the way when your daughter and her husband are working in the yard……



    • Ha Ha. Kelli just might whack you in two pieces. She gets really into the hatchet business. She sometimes cuts her way into a corner and has to wait until one of the guys moves enough stuff for her to get out again! She grows giant trees out of plants that are supposed to be dwarf species. It’s hysterical. The food and water make them grow, but it also makes for lots of algae. I like the look of green on stuff like trees and pots and wood though. I guess it’s harmless.


    • Well, it wasn’t very clear. Most people don’t tell tales with photographs, I’d say. I’m weird, Daisy, in the unlikely event you haven’t noticed that before now! Thanks for the second look. Most people just shake their heads and move on! 😉 I suspect you are a real human.


      • obviously, we have a bit in common! ‘weird’ is good. and you’re not the kind of weird that’s going to lead to somone chopped up in pieces and buried in the garden, right? well… except for that poor unfortunate dear in the photos.


    • Pablo!! You silly boy! You’re supposed to like Lady Myrtle! 😉

      Glad you liked the third one. There were absolutely piles and piles of #3s in that yard. I nearly broke my neck getting around and over the piles!

      Thank you for coming to visit. You are so nice!



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