I do not re-blog. I repeat. I do not re-blog. I am reblogging elmeliat’s “News from the Front Lines” to insure that I have my own personal copy for future reference and simple delight. Enjoy the best extended metaphor you ever read. Thank you, Elmeliat.

Dark Pines Photo

IMD Ignites War of Words

Bacchic Aubade reporting for Β  Front Lines News

Yesterday, a lone soliloquy suffered post lexicon disorder (PLD) after going over an Improvised Mime Device (IMD) with a run on sentence. The soliloquy had just made a dramatic entry after internal conflict had triggered a major scene.

β€œWhen the IMD went off I was sure we would all be carried off in cacophonies,” said one witness before breaking down into monosyllables..

As the IMD went off, fragments of Improvisational Gestures and Exaggerated Facial Expressions were embedded between the lines. Character Revelation and Emotional Intensity was reduced to fits and starts, followed by lengthy pauses.

Symptoms of escalating alliteration were immediate and consequently resulted in jarring jargon, severe solipsism, and spells of sound and fury signifying nothing. The soliloquy needed to be immediately placed into isolation before the more serious symptoms slipped into the rest…

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  1. Thanks George for “not re-blogging” my post. What is really funny is the third post of mine to be “not re-blogged” in just over two weeks. πŸ˜€
    Love yah !



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