Sweet Dreams

I follow several photographers who participate in the 365 Day photo project.  They post remarkable images.  Sometimes, they post photographs that aren’t just technically great or clever or dramatic.  These are the photographs that I remember.  One man posted a photograph of his sleeping daughter.  That touched me because he was secure enough to do it.  He undoubtedly knew that nobody cares about photographs of our sleeping children.  We adore them, but we know that everybody has his own adorable, sleeping child.  So we resist the urge to share ours.

When I encounter one of these Sleeping Children, as I have come to call the photographs of them, I always smile.  If there is a universal image that touches the heart of every living soul on this planet, it has to be the image of a sleeping child.  Perhaps, that image represents the best of who we are as humans.  It evokes a purity of emotion like no other.

Here’s to all of the Sleeping Children.   The fate of humanity resides in their dreams.

18 Comments on “Sweet Dreams

  1. Excellent! “We are such stuff / As dreams are made on;” 🙂


    • Yep. I just hope we dream the right thing! Looks kind of like we need to…


  2. Just look at that smile!
    Beautiful shot George, the light makes it loook even more magical!
    Love the new design of your blog 🙂


    • Thanks, Pablo. I love that Boy, you know. 🙂
      I’m glad you like my fern frond photograph. I was so happy to be able to use it for my background. And it’s MINE. Ha Ha It doesn’t take much to delight me, does it? 🙂


  3. I still go soft in the knees when I get glimpse of our teenagers sleeping. very sweet.


  4. You are so beautiful dear George, I loved your words and this amazing photograph… Thank you, with my love, nia


  5. lovely image..kids sleeping are the cutest thing under the sun…..my daughter smiles in her sleep sometimes and it warms up my heart like nothing else can
    loved what you wrote in the last line….Beautiful 🙂


  6. Incredible, George…image and words. I so agree. Love to look at my little ones when they’re sleeping…when they’re still and off in that other place. 🙂


  7. Look at that sweet face, smiling even his sleep. I love the light you caught in his eyelashes and the warm blush of his cheek. A beautiful photograph and beautiful words.


    • Thanks, Lemony Girl. I love that baby. Sometimes, I can’t resist posting him. When I look at him sleeping, I think of all the sleeping children who are so vulnerable and honest and dependent on us to help them to make a better world. It’s a heavy responsibility, but there is nothing quite like the innocence of a sleeping child to remind us of our humanity.


  8. That photo is just beautiful. The lighting is magical.

    I see that you’ve managed to put your palm frond on your blog while still allowing us to read it. It looks lovely.


    • Yes. You caught me in the process of trying out new themes. It was a total mess, wasn’t it? I couldn’t read it either. I smiled when I realized that you were trying to read it along with me. It was the middle of the night here and I was trying to remodel my blog quickly so I didn’t respond. But, I knew you were there! 🙂 Thanks for recognizing the photograph as my own. I love those palms!



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