HELP! Has Anybody Seen This Man?

Has Anybody Seen This Man?

I am desperately searching for one missing ISP repairman.  He is wearing an orange and green reflective vest on which the words, Suddenlink Communications, are plainly visible.  He is not particularly tolerant of old ladies and their cameras.  I suspect he is attempting to avoid leaving photographic evidence of his crimes.  You see, he turned off my alarm system.  It no longer intends to call 911 if some deranged moron tries to sneak inside to strangle me in the night.  Probably because I snapped a picture of him without permission.  What he doesn’t know is that I never turn it on anyway.  I have no idea why I pay to have it monitored.  I could have swiped a neighbor’s warning sign instead of paying for my own.

Life changed after Repairman.  Pages don’t load before the Cloud calls time out.   I cannot visit you.  I can barely load this page, but can stay on it once I get lucky and get here.   For whatever that’s worth.  This is a handicap that Repairman doesn’t care about.  His telephone girl called this morning to tell me ONE MORE TIME that I need a new modem.   She says Repairman doesn’t carry them in his truck.  (The truth is that you have to go to the Suddenlink store and buy a new one … if you’re dumb enough to do it.)  I do not require a new modem, but I didn’t bother to share that with her since she didn’t sound as if she could handle that complication.  I have the latest one that the Repairman-Who-Didn’t-Repair brought to me free.  He is coming back tomorrow.  At least, he looks and sounds competent.   Perhaps, tomorrow will be the magic day!  🙂

12 Comments on “HELP! Has Anybody Seen This Man?

  1. I was offline yesterday afternoon through some sort of major breakdown with my ISP. Their telephone lines broke down too. Finally the ISP was back up and running but I couldn’t get onto the Internet or receive my Emails. Which in my language means that, although it might be “up” it is NOT “running”. I gave up and watched television instead. Fortunately, I had posted in the morning instead of waiting until the afternoon. Today, all appears to be working properly, with the possible exception of myself. I haven’t yet dared to look at the draft that I was writing when the bottom fell out. I’ve been catching up on other people’s blogs. My draft post had better still be there, or I might look for someone to murder.


    • Ha Ha! I have that feeling when I save a draft. I actually did lose one once through my own stupidity.


  2. Oh George, my sympathy in bucket loads! We live on a farm in South Africa.We still have dial-up! My internet speed is at most about 15 kps! VERY challenging. It all takes ages!!!
    WARNING: Hey! little man, we’ll hunt you down if you don’t come up with the goods!


  3. It’s amazing what people will do for you if you’re nice to them, or the very least decent. Don’t let this guy know you posted his picture though, he might be a no-show with the modem…


    • I am hunting down this man with a vengeance! HA HA
      Nothing on the place works! Aaaugh!! 🙂 I’ll email you if I can. Thanks, Victor!


  4. Probably frightened that if you’ll publish his picture, there’ll be grandmas on the street asking him for free modems… you have to watch your back these days…


  5. May the Internet Gods bring you Good Luck. May they protect you from the hardware & connectivity gremlins. Sounds like your line has been impaired so that it is picking-up interference from other calls.



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