UFO In The Garden

Okay, I figured out what is causing my slow Internet connection.  It’s those sneaky Garden Gremlins and their UFO buddies!  I’m onto ’em now.  I got the photographic evidence against ’em.  I’m gonna’ take Rich’s bat to their ship if they show up again.  Or hang some of Joseph’s Eyeballs around the whole place.  They hate eyeballs.

Actually, my infamous Guru logged in (Via LogMeIn) and fixed my connection.  Here he is.  His name is Ray Alstrom.  He has been my loyal friend and instructor and fixer upper for nigh onto thirty years.  He does what they call writing code and building network systems and design work and lots of other stuff that I don’t understand.   Besides, he lights my special candle at St. Mary’s when trouble is brewing.  He is a sweetheart genius.

 I snapped this photograph of him several years ago while he was at the old house working on one of my computers.

  I’m back in business!  Whoopeeeeee!

Bless you, Raymond!  🙂

29 Comments on “UFO In The Garden

  1. He looks like a very agreeable man. Have you had your UFO photo examined by the experts?

    “To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.” (Anonymous) I’ve been quoting this quite a lot over the last two weeks. WordPress is still persisting with those pre-checked boxes – and I’m still persisting with forgetting to uncheck them. Grrr!


    • I wish I knew. I watched for awhile, but I did not understand what he was doing by adding lines of code to the registry and other stuff. If you email him, he will tell you how to install LogMeIn so he can log into your box and fix it too. He’s the soul of honesty and confidentiality. He logs into doctors and dentists and all kinds of business computers to work on them. I’ve known him for thirty years and I’ve never heard him say a word about anybody’s computer. I’ll ask him what he did. Maybe I’ll get half of it. 🙂


        • Logmein is the handiest thing since sliced bread, huh? You have to tell me about your storytelling workshop. I want advice on storytelling too. What is it that you do? Maybe you wrote about it and I didn’t see. That interests me.


  2. Excellent news. The internet & computer gods have their saints & miracle workers that walk among us. BTW That may appear to be a UFO, but it is actually a hat. The man is invisible. If you are wondering what type of hat and man, just check out the photo in the previous post. Coincidence ? I think not. 😀 Glad you are back among the virtual living blog community.


    • Eureka! It is the Repairman! Geez… Creepy. We have to ask somebody from “Global Dynamics” how he got there! I know they’e behind the whole thing! 🙂 🙂


    • You noticed, Lorna! The image is a reflection on the window beside where I am standing. The light is over a breakfast table twenty + feet behind me in the kitchen. I snapped the image through the glass and it’s screen, across the porch and through another screen to the pergola that is at least twenty feet in front of me. If I walk to the other side of the window, I can no longer see the image, of course. Somebody who is smarter than I am would have to explain the laws of refracted light or reflection of light waves. It is an interesting phenomenon. An example of how we see what is not there. Thanks for holding on for me.


  3. Thank you for him, I am glad you are back here again dear George, And I loved your UFO in your garden… 🙂 With my love, nia


    • That UFO is not there. It is a reflection of light on the window beside where I am standing, but it creates an image at the pergola twenty + feet in front of me. We see what is not there sometimes! So do our cameras! 🙂 Thanks for visiting, Nia. I am enjoying your links tremendously. It’s generous of you to provide them. But, we all know how kind and generous you are! 🙂


    • Hi, Rosy. I’m back, but I’m having heck getting out of my own page! The Suddenlink boys were back today, but they didn’t wreck my box. One of them is coming back tomorrow. A sweet one went to the office and fetched a new modem for me for free. He installed it and checked the upload/download speed at the global speed test site: http://www.speedtest.net/. In case you want to check your speed, that’s what all the techs use. If I escape with my connection intact tomorrow, I’m home free! Thanks, Rosy. 🙂


    • Thanks, Colline. I’m still in business after two techs came again today. One is coming back tomorrow. They are very nice and didn’t wreck my connection today so I am hopeful. I got “the boss” today…so the other one said. 🙂 The Boss got on my computer and checked the speed of the connection after he installed my new modem which he gave me for free. Guess I can’t complain even though they set off my burglar alarm and a huffy female cop arrived. I snapped her picture and she was not happy. She asked me why I was taking pictures. I barely kept myself from joking about police lag time and brutality. She didn’t look in the mood for joking and I had to go to the bathroom too badly to go to jail. 🙂


        • That’s the truth. I wonder how they manage to live! If I couldn’t laugh at myself, I wouldn’t be very happy. 🙂


    • Yep. I think I got ’em cornered now. 🙂 I don’t need the bat just yet, but I thought about it when the nasty female cop showed up after the guys set off my alarm…


    • I have more than my share of Gremlins! 🙂
      I laughed out loud about the Jasmine blossoms opening and swallowing Mr. Repairman whole. Lord, you have a grand vision! I like it!
      Thanks for waiting for me to catch up.


    • Thanks, Pablo. I’ll be around shortly. Nothing is worse than an Internet connection that crawls along. Our pages are so graphics intensive that they won’t load easily. I was timing out all the time. Ray always fixes me up though. Now, if that Repairman doesn’t screw up things tomorrow… 🙂


    • Ray is one of the nicest people I ever knew. And, he fixes everything for me. I never found anything that he didn’t know something about. Great guy and a good friend.



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