A Window

This garage was old when I moved to Victoria.  It has not changed.  It got a new skin somewhere along the way, but it kept its vintage windows.  There is a long row of identical ones on the opposite side of the building.  The windows are always open during business hours to provide ventilation.  The original tin siding rusted and colored the windows long before it was replaced.  The texture of the old glass pieces interested me, especially the one clean piece.  Everything about the building, including the vehicles parked around it, is decrepit looking.  Even the newer aluminum siding is so poorly installed that it looks shabby too.  The cars inside being repaired are fairly recent models.  There are many such buildings, interspersed among modern buildings, all along the main street through town.  There are no zoning codes in the business areas of  town allowing even abandoned buildings to stand along the route.

17 Comments on “A Window

    • Thanks, Naomi. After I posted, I thought, “What an ugly post!” 🙂 🙂


      • Not al all! It is very classy. (And I meant to say the back of the car, not the roof.) It’s all about lovely lines, and you have a great eye for that.


  1. ah, this one remembered me with Windows, Bill Gates choose that name because he has just finished the OS and look at the view from his window, what id he was see a parrot at the moment? hmm 😛


  2. I really love this….the windows are my favorite too. I like the earlier comparison to shades of ochre.



  3. Its beautiful and you know whenever i move in a new house( and i move a lot cos of my husbands work) first thing i check is the windows and the balconies..I want good view and lot of air…
    This window made me smile cos i remembered this old shade near our school.and someone spread the rumour that it was haunted..now it had only one small tiny clean part and we would try peek in and run away ..
    loved the photo brought back a lot of memories 🙂


  4. It’s hard to modernize a town when commerce has moved the big box malls or strip malls. You don’t see many cute Main Streets.


  5. You really caught and captured a nice image with this window. I loved the colours and the composition. This is amazing. Thank you dear George, with my love, nia


    • Bless you, Nia. I was timid about posting it. I love windows, but I never think anybody else will like them. I appreciate your comment more than you know! 🙂 You are so kind.



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