One Green Lemon

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.
~Albert Einstein~

31 Comments on “One Green Lemon

    • It’s a green, as in not ripe, lemon. It turned yellow. They had pink insides for making pink lemonade! They were sweet and the plant was a prolific producer of fruit too. You could easily grow one on a patio or a balcony. It was a fun little tree. 🙂


    • By the way, George. Have you ever received the email message I sent regarding the Lumix, or the other replies I left for you? I worry that you think I’m not responding, since you’ve asked in more than one place. Since WP has the maximum of 9 notices for replies, I’ve thought maybe my answers have gotten bumped and you haven’t seen them.


  1. Oh no, I am the poster girl for the quotation. Everyone was screaming lemon, and I was thinking lime! (Either one would taste good in a vodka tonic!) Sorry I’ve been out of touch….this time of year gets so crazy.


  2. A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be. In direct contrast “Some men see things as they are and ask “Why?” I dream things that never were and ask “Why not ?” – Robert F Kennedy


    • Well, yes, of course. JFK is talking about a world view. I think Einstein was talking about reading what isn’t there into what we find and and reaching inaccurate conclusions. Hard not to do these days. He was talking about the scientific method.


  3. what a beauty,that green a lemon
    and loved the reminder George too often we look at things from a tutored eye
    loved the message 🙂


    • It’s green as opposed to ripe. I grew it on a tree in a pot. We had pink lemonade for a couple of years. The flesh of the lemon was pink! Sweet lemons too. 🙂 Even tiny lemon trees will produce lots of lemons in case you are interested in potting a lemon tree!


  4. I loved the photograph; it’d look good on a wall!! Is this really a lemon? I would have sworn it was a lime!


    • Thank you, Charlene! I snapped this photo many years ago. I had a lemon tree growing in a pot, and it produced many lemons that year. The flesh was pink. We made pink lemonade! 🙂


    • Thanks, Pablo. I snapped this lemon years ago. I had a pink-lemon lemon tree growing in a pot. We had pink lemonade. This lemon is not ripe. They turn a normal lemon yellow when they are ripe. I didn’t use light. In my pictures, it happens or it doesn’t! 🙂


  5. interesting lemon. Our lemons are a bit elongated… but I love lemons, and sometimes eat them raw as fruit. That quote by Einstein is rather strange too, coming from him. It makes me think that we’d have to know the context in which he spoke. He was an idealist, after all… and idealists don’t usually limit themselves to ‘what is’.



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