More Fans

Everybody knows how fan palms fascinate me by their mysterious play with light.

The fans are different colors depending on the light.

On a cloudy day, they are subdued and almost pail when the light strikes them.  There is always something to see through the fans!

During the afternoons after the sun goes down behind their fence, they shine.

The leaves look entirely different on the same tree depending on where the sunlight strikes them!

At one place, there were three fans lined up side by side.  The Three Sisters.

Some of the fans stand erectly while others bend with their huge fans.

Sometimes, when I look at the photographs on the media card, I think they don’t look real.  It is a fact that photographs do not mirror reality.  They are more precise than the real thing and they deceive.   In the photographs, we do not see exactly what we saw through the lens … ours or the camera’s.  The human eye looks at a roof line and sees a soft line.  The camera sees a hard line.  Often, I like a softer focus better.  I like my world in softer focus too.

30 Comments on “Favorite

  1. These are such beautiful plants and have always fascinated me with their beautiful, sculptural qualities and your photographs do them such justice – highlighting the varied lines, light and shades of glorious green!! Wonderful 🙂


  2. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as clean as when I arrived. I’ll be back!


  3. WOW! These are so beautiful and so artistic… I loved them all dear George, especially your compositions are great. Thank you, love, nia


  4. This is a lovely study George. Such variety, simply by looking at a familiar in a different way. I love that expression, that you prefer your world in a softer focus. I do too.


    • Thanks, Carl. They change colors depending on the light. I have to come over very soon. I’m way behind!! Thanks for your patience. 🙂


    • Hey, I forgot about this post! Getting senile, I reckon. Sorry it took me so long to thank you for wanting to climb into my fan palms! I do climb in there. If I were a child, I’d live under the fans. I’d make a house and a fort. We didn’t have palms where I grew up. Thus, my total fascination with all kinds of them, I guess. Thanks for liking them too. 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Resa. I am sorry I forgot to respond to anybody on this post. I just skipped right over it somehow. I do appreciate your visiting and the kind compliment about the fan palms. They are my very favorites. 🙂


    • Thanks, Gail. I forgot all about this post. I didn’t reply to a single person! How rude. I’m getting old and scattered, I guess. I’m glad you liked my fan palms. I do enjoy them. Every time I walk by, I think I see some new thing they’re doing with their fans. They truly are a great place to learn about light.


    • You’re fun too, daisy. Thanks for liking my fans. I do love my palms like children. I got me more photos of them than I do of Boy! 🙂


  5. Nice imagery, George. Nature is captivating and you’ve held it still for us to enjoy. Thanks. I don’t get to see much greenery over here in the desert.


    • Lordy, Tots, I forgot this post entirely! Didn’t respond to a soul. That was a whole week ago too. Maybe I’m getting too old and scattered for this blogging business. Got the watercolor. It’s as good as the image was. The cards too. Thanks! I want to see something new when you paint the next one. I love the “Renaissance Women”. Write a book about your relatives and friends? If you never want to go to another reunion, have at it. Personally, I couldn’t care less what my relatives think. But, I’m old. If they like me, they like me the way I am. You mentioned “The Help”. I didn’t know about her husband, but I’d wager the farm that the book was the proverbial straw. I thought about her too when I posted a photo (A working woman) on my new blog, The Fuzzy Foto. I’ll be interested to know what you decide about your tell-all book.
      Wish I could send a palm frond along to you. You could easily persuade the Canadian fool to fan you like Sheba! Now, wouldn’t that be a fine foto.


  6. Know what you mean about photographs being deceptive. They never truly mirror what we perceive with our naked eyes! A good thing, when I want an enhanced image of my interior projects. Not otherwise. I too prefer my life in softer focus. Beautiful images nevertheless George 🙂


    • I know. My house looks pretty good in a photo! Ha Ha Nobody sees the clutter that Irma has to contend with. She just shakes her head. I just shove stuff out of the way for the photos! Are you a photographer of interiors or a designer? If I knew, I forgot. You’d be fantastic at either job since you have seen such glorious interiors! I forgot this post entirely. Didn’t respond to a single person. I’m bad, I tell you, bad. Can I claim senility? 🙂 Worth a try. Thanks for liking my palms. They are my very favorite trees.


    • I forgot this post, Charlene! Oh, Dear! Thank you so much for your compliment. I do love my palms. And, yes, they do seem to have their different moods depending on the light and the weather. They are fascinating trees. I am constantly photographing them. You’d think they are kids! 🙂 I have more photos of them than of Boy!


  7. I love all these photos George! It’s such a beutiful set, I can’t decide which one I like the most because all of them are so stunning!!
    You always find great angles that make the leaves look more interesting!


    • Thank you, Pablo. I’m sorry it took me so long to notice that I totally missed responding to anybody on this post! Ouch. That was rude. I love it when you like my little photos. I am fascinated by the palms, as you know. And, it pleases me that you like them too.


    • Oh my goodness! I forgot all about this post! I haven’t responded to a single person here. And, to think how pleased I was to have you comment that you liked my palms! I just smiled and smiled. Thank you, Shimon.



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