Lumix And The Diva

(The story of the little Lumix LX5’s troubles with The Diva)

…And it was such a lovely day in the neighborhood until Little Lumix showed up.

Uh Oh.  Here she comes again!   I’ll pretend I don’t see her.

Mr. Nikon is so tall and handsome with his black hood.  He’s a real gentleman.  Keeps a polite distance always respecting a girl’s modesty.  Besides, we’ve been together for years.  That little shrimp is downright annoying.  Who does she think she is … always poking around sticking her nose right up in a lady’s face?   It’s disgraceful, I tell you!

I said, BE GONE!

Not to worry, Che to the rescue.  He is far more forgiving and greets Little Lumix with a big hug and a  friendly nibble.  Actually, he finds her retractable nose  most fascinating!

Now, Little Lumix Girl,  don’t that jest make you wanna’ dip ye hat in the creek!

18 Comments on “Lumix And The Diva

    • Rita is a Double-Yellowhead Amazon parrot. She is twelve years old. There is at least one other post on her about her. I’m glad you like her. She is the perfect companion for an old recluse like me. I enjoyed your blog. I’ll be back. 🙂


    • Thanks. Actually she’s lost two right next to the colored ones. She’s molting. You don’t notice the colored feathers on these parrots until they fan their tails or get wet and shake around trying to shake off the water. I think I posted one of her after a bath. You can see how colorful they are then. Thanks! I’ll tell her you liked her tail feathers. 😉


    • Lord, no! She hates that thing. I don’t much blame her. It must look really alien to her. She’s a suspicious little wench anyway! 🙂


  1. Creatures are like small children when it comes to the camera, aren’t they? This was fun – I love the “be gone shrimp” shot!


  2. This is so funny, I loved so much… especially the last photograph. You are so creative and amazing dear George, how much I love your storial photography. Thank you, Have a nice and enjoyable day, love, nia


    • Thanks. It’s silly, of course, but Rita really hates that little camera. She pays no attention to the full-frame Nikon since she grew up on a normal size camera. She thinks that little thing is the most offensive to enter her space yet! 🙂



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