Beautiful Boomie Bol

Here is Beautiful Boomie

(Boomie is the girl)

Here is Boomie’s Poem

Cover Me

Peel away every façade
Pull apart all the pretenses
Let the built up glass walls
Come crashing to the ground
Along with the insecurities
Hypocrisies and

Peel me apart slowly
But surely
Let the façade be gone

Spread your arms of love
Like wings over me
Cover me

Cover me in your truth
Cover me in your love

Here is Boomie’s Gift To Me

Boomie stuck her little toe into the WordPress Water back in February, I think.  She was not at all sure that anybody would like what she had to say.  By June, she had so many awards that she must have been considering a fire sale.  Instead, she started faithfully passing  them along to others in true Boomie sharing fashion.   She says she is timid.  She is a timid tigress.  She is passionate about everything.  She yearns for a future world in which cruelty, hatred, bigotry, hunger, loneliness, fear are replaced by kindness, love, acceptance, full bellies and serene souls.   Boomie is a dreamer, a poet, a philosopher.  She is Beautiful Boomiebol.   And I thank her for sharing this award with me.

Seven Things About Me

If there were seven things about me that I haven’t already blabbed off, I cannot imagine what they are.  You’ve been in my garden, in my kitchen, in my cupboards, in my shower, in my lingerie drawer, in my bookcase, in my car, in my garage, and you’ve gone to my old house.  You’ve met my family and my companion pets and you’ve seen all of us when we were young.  If you are interested in my lab work, I get it next week.  I’ll ask for a copy of the report and share it too.   Leave a request at the bottom.  If there were one characteristic that I could change about myself, I’d take the advice of a colorful old country lawyer who told me once, when I was young and about to save the world, “Sit down and shut up!”

Passing along the One Lovely Blog Award

How does an old woman who is memory-impaired, vision-impaired, hearing-impaired, and often judgement-impaired, go about choosing lovely blogs?  Well, she does what any old woman would do.  She squints and follows her finger down the pages of blogs that the WP Dashboard says she follows.  Yeah, after four or five months, she found the sucker.   If I’m using up too many award coupons, I have more squirreled away.  Yes, some of you gave them to me.   I was touched and I swore to myself that I would honor you by passing them along.  That was before I got distracted and the initial misty-eyed response wore off.   I apologize for my rudeness.  I am not ungrateful.  However, you guys all feel like my children, and I sometimes treat my children badly.  I love all of you anyway for accepting me into your lives and your hearts.  May God bless each of you in a special way that no blog award from me could ever compare.








Lady D


White Lady






And a few lovely guys too!








I love you all!  🙂

42 Comments on “Beautiful Boomie Bol

  1. Dear George, I am SO far behind in my blogging–I’ve been out of town and at conferences, and about to be crazy busy with a storytelling tour, but I just wanted to tell you that this is a lovely acceptance speech, a really gracious post. I hope you are well.


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  4. Thank you for the nomination George – I shall try to do your beautiful blog just in my “acceptance speech” 🙂


  5. I feel privileged to be included in your nominations! Thank you for this lovely recognition. I think you were one of the first to follow my blog. You are so honest in your posts and seem to be having more fun every day! I will enjoy exploring the others. Thank you!


    • Thanks. You do much better about following your blogger friends than I do. I’m surprised anybody puts up with me. I am too scattered to do this blogging thing well, that’s for sure. Sue Hedtke told me about you when she found out I was writing a blog. That’s how I found you. Anyway, I enjoy your posts a lot. And I do think you have a lovely blog!


  6. Thank you very much for my Award, George. I’m sorry that I took so long to get to this post. I was a bit behind and playing catch-up. I’ve had some Administration Departments in both France and Australia sending me forms to fill out and asking me for information that they have already received and generally making my life miserable. France has been very polite about it but Australia keeps sending letters with threats in them. I think that they are both sorted out now but I’m exhausted, and between them, they might have shortened my life by a few years. It all concerns my Age Pension. Australia wants me to ask France for one, which I have done, and France wants me to prove that I’m still alive. Presumably, they’ll get together at some point to decide how much their combined efforts are going to give me to survive. At the moment, Australia is the only one contributing. France doesn’t understand Australia’s banking system and is probably not going to be satisfied with the documents that my bank supplied which means more hassle in the future. My children finally helped me get some papers to prove that I was their mother and had physically given birth to them. Apparently, this gives me more money. I’ve had enough. I just want it all to go away. I’ll be retiring to bed for another 24 hour sleep soon. I can feel it coming on as I write. I need to curl up. With lots of chocolate. Hibernation sounds good. Why aren’t I a bear?


    • I hope you got the twenty-four hour bedtime sabbatical and are back in quintessential Lady D grand style. After I wrote this post, I was up for twenty-four hours or longer myself! We have to do better, you and I. Heavens, I hope you get the problem resolved with TWO countries. You live in Australia, as I recall. I don’t know how you got involved with two countries, but it sounds complicated! Not to worry, it will be resolved to your benefit, I know. Thanks for always being so kind and supportive of me. I really do appreciate that more than you know!


  7. Thank you very much for the award George!!
    It’s been a really long and exhausting day and you just made everything better, the last image is so funny and made me laugh a lot!!


    • I’m glad you smiled after such a hard day! That makes me smile too. You have such a fine blog with the most wonderful photographs. I also learn something new every time I drop in there. I hope your semester will be over soon and you’ll have some free time to relax and photograph everything…including your aunt’s parrot! 🙂


  8. George, you have a gift for drawing us all in with your wonderful stories and making us feel like part of the family in the process. This post was very dear and I’m so happy to be included with all the other talented and fun bloggers on your list. I’m looking forward to checking in with those I’m not familiar with…I know I’ll love ’em because you love ’em!



    • Elisa, if anybody out there supports other bloggers, it has to be you. Your careful attention to the work of other people astounds me. I see you everywhere! I love your new title and the new look. Thank you for always being here and making me feel good about what I do here. Sometimes I think it’s just too folksy to be interesting to anybody! You keep me going! Thank you.


      • You are so welcome, and you have to know I think the world of you. We all love you because you keep it real! I would love for us all to meet one day…a crazy fantasy, but you never know!



      • You are so welcome, and you have to know I think the world of you. We all love you because you keep it real! I would love for us all to meet one day…a crazy fantasy, but you never know!


        p.s. A million thank you’s for introducing me to the photography of Maurice Sapiro…talk about a wonder! I try to imagine him taking those pictures, many of them before I was born…1959 ugh, and am fascinated to see the world through his eyes during that time period.


  9. I don’t know where or how to begin…your post has left me utterly emotional… I feel like hiding under the covers for this huge spotlight you have shined on me. I set out on this blog journey at one of the most difficult times in my life…not knowing where to turn to I started this blog and for the first time ever this is the most honest I have been…I haven’t shared all of me but I have opened myself up more than I ever dared. I find daily that I am learning truths about myself and my strengths. Your kind comments and generous support leaves me ever grateful and always humbles my heart. I don’t like attention but I cherish and respect this one. It would be a reminder for me to do better…be better. A reminder to stay humble. Like my Yoruba people will say- I thank you with all of my being. God bless…


    • Ah, sweet Boomie! Your days of hiding under the covers are over. Now that you came out of hiding, there is no going back. Too many people are inspired by your words. You are Yoruba? The ancient people of the kingdom who built the earthen canal that ran for a hundred miles or something in a circle in Nigeria, I think it was. WOW. I read about that years ago. A group of scientists or anthropologists investigated it looking to connect the queen to the Queen of Sheba? I forget the name of the earthen ditch, but I remember that it was comparable to the pyramids in difficulty of construction. It would bring great wealth to the country if it weren’t hidden in the rain forest. What a heritage! I have no idea where I came from. You are lucky. Don’t worry about your strengths or weaknesses, just put one foot in front of the other and stomp on singing your peculiar song! Hugs, Boomie, always hugs! 😉


  10. That is one neat acceptance speech and proves why you deserve the lovely blog award 🙂 There are a few blog posts I return to read at leisure and yours is one of them. Congratulations George. And thank you for thinking of me. Love you too ♥


    • Madhu, I am happy that you like my rather provincial little blog! You are always kind to me and visit faithfully even when I forget to venture over. I always remember the post about your childhood home. The pictures stuck in my head. You share your experiences and your travels so beautifully on your blog. Thank you!


  11. Dear George…you have been precious since Day-One, when I commented on your photo of Listo and you commented on my Salt Lake City Sea-Gull…you are the wonderful aunt I never knew I had…and am so glad we found each other. You are, of course, most deserving of your award(s), with your insight and the beautiful sharing of your full life. Thank you for being you and for welcoming us into your life. And thank you, too, for sharing your treasures…I am touched…and honored at your kind thoughts and words.


    • I remember, Scott. It seems so long ago that I read your blog entry for the first time. Yours was one of the very first that I read. You must have seen mine. I can’t think why else I’d have found you. From the first couple of lines, I knew you. It always seemed to me that we had known each other for a very long time with shared life experience. Maybe in the next life, we’ll work together to solve all of society’s ills? Judging from what little I know about it, I think we have to keep coming back here until we get it right! Good grief… 😉


      • There is certainly a kindred-spirit-ness to it all, George…and I will cherish your company in our next life, too…even if it is here again. 🙂 Thank you, my friend….


    • Well, before I got my act together here, you were already on the line with that coveted sisterhood award! Charlene gave me one too so that must mean I really can be a member? I got two votes!! I love that award even if the guys might think we are suppressed feminists! 🙂 I have to think of something good to do with that since it’s special. Thank you for sticking by me. It makes me feel good!


  12. lol..this is such a funny post..George you are real fun and lovely soul…
    But first things first..hey thanks for pointing out Boomie in the pic,not that,that guy can’t write poems but the rest of the post would have become a bit confusing…
    Boomie’s poetry is stunning and she is a lovely soul.
    and so are you George and i just love you 🙂
    its true though we do know a lot about you even Rita and the stripper…( you will have difficult time should you ever need witness protection,not that you will but who can say..but why will you..)
    Thanks for nomination and that beautiful Kiss 🙂

    and hey I do want to know about your lab work..tell me


    • Oh lord, I KNEW you’d be the one to ask! I’ll have to get the report and scan it. I WILL post it if you dare me to do it! 😉 Thank you for always being so kind to me, Soma. You are a very bright light in my world.


  13. How beautiful lady you are, dear George Wonderful post as always. Congratulations. Boomie, she is amazing. Thank you for introducing me with her. And Thank you for thinking of my blog too for this beautiful award. Blessing and Happiness, I love you too, nia


    • Your blog is beautiful and you introduce us to so many other wonderful blogs. You are so generous to do that. I admire what you do and I admire your spirit and your caring for others, Nia. There is only one Nia, I think. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  14. Thank you so much for the award. Sorry, I didn’t see it right away … It is early morning here in Germany and I am still half asleep and so tired. I am leaving for the US on Saturday for three months and still have a bunch of articles to write, so I won’t have the time to pass the award on before next week. Will probably do so on Sunday or Monday during my sleepless “jet lag” nights. Greetings from rainy Heidelberg!!


    • Oh, not to worry, Cornelia. I just wanted others to see your beautiful street photography. I know you are one busy girl. Rainy Heidleberg! Oh, my. Take care and come “home” safely. I will watch for some US city photographs too. Thanks again for the wonderful work you do and share with us.


  15. A very graceful and beautiful post… with just a little humor thrown in, to make it perfect. I don’t go out of my way to find new blogs to read, because I don’t have enough time for the ones I’ve already found… but when someone gets a recommendation from you, I just can’t help but want to check it out. and that picture of the kiss at the bottom… just lovely!


    • I couldn’t resist… I know you don’t accept these things, but I would be remiss if I didn’t link to your blog. There is no other to compare with your work, you know. The last poem still resonates in my head. Thank you for approving of the post. I had a tiny bit of reservation about posting such silliness. Boomie is a delight with her passionate enthusiasm for life and her idealism. Ah, the fire of youth. 😉



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