Broken Promises


I could tell you that

I’ve been lounging poolside at the Hotel Carleton

On La Croisette


The timeline isn’t right for the Cannes Film Festival.


I could blame it on

The Mad Cow


That’s only half-true.


I’m gonna‘ claim that

The Magic Carpet flight has been delayed

Due, of course, to the Polar Vortex.


That’s my story

And I’m sticking to it!



Take-off in thirty minutes

I’ve hopped a ride

On the Flower Drop flight!

19 Comments on “Broken Promises

    • Thanks, Farmer. Lisa is an extremely talented artist and, as I told Ray, an intrepid adventurer. The story of her journey there and the renovation of the second-floor apartment in the dirt-floor “cabana” into a wonderful apartment is fascinating. The Magic Carpet is actually painted on a tile floor. It’s hard to imagine that it isn’t painted on a canvas, but it really is on the floor! Her’s is a life that many of us only dream.


  1. Just got back from my own magic carpet ride to the flower drop. Interestingly refreshing. Again, another wonderful B&W you’ve posted!


    • Well, you’ll have to wait in a very long queue to get a ticket for the maiden voyage on the Magic Carpet! Lisa is an extremely talented artist and an intrepid adventurer. She moved to the “jungle”, renovated the second floor of an old building with a dirt first floor, and has a breathtaking view from her balcony which she has painted in the happiest colors and designs! She’s one of the most interesting people I know here. Thanks, I’m glad you like the peasant girl. She’s a statue in my bathroom. She holds a “tray” that I use as a caddy to hold, pins, earrings, lip gloss, whatever! Chuckle…


    • Ha-ha! I love it, “wherever we went”. You sound remarkably like me! I just asked Shana (McDonald’s window girl) where she’d been lately. She said, “You saw me yesterday at the pay window”… It’s the damned Mad Cow. I laughed and thumped my head. Ah, it’s such fun to wander aimlessly without caring one whit where we’re going. It’s the voyage, not the destination, you know. I love having a fellow traveler with a like world view. Thank you, Adelaide!


  2. What a grand chuckle you gave me this morning! I am about to embark on a muddy trek to town, and your post gave me a wake-up call! Why am I walking to town and then enduring an 8-hour bus ride to Guayaquil when I could open those bodega doors, float across the landscape and make another flower drop?!!!

    Hang on, amiga, I need a copilot.. Heading that way in about half an hour!


    • Hi, Zeeb! It took Jo ten minutes to find the desk for a ticket for the flight on The Magic Carpet! How was the trip to Guayaquil? I have to trot on over to find out for myself, I reckon. This was fun. Thanks for the lift on the Magic Carpet! 😉


    • HI, Totsy! The Parrot’s is an address in Fantasyland, you know. As is Beatrice’s Apartment B. We have joy, we have fun, we have seasons in the sun…


  3. I thought of you when Charlie came to lunch … his person emailed today to say how much Charlie enjoyed the grapes from our vines … good luck with your flight George!


    • Hi, Christine. I’ve just discovered the post about global amnesia. Did you discover what happened to your brain? I love your first page with all of the picture links to the posts. I haven’t read more than a fraction of them. Where have I been? I assume Charlie is the Ringneck? I have lots of catching up to do, obviously. I believe you are fine judging from the humorous pink streak in the hair… Chuckle… I’m fearful of heights, so I don’t know how I’ll manage to sit on the Magic Carpet for the entire flight! 😉 Thank you very much for stopping in to visit, Christine.


  4. Well, that was a lovely diversion, George 🙂 It took me 10 mins to read the guest list for Lisa’s magical flight! Hope all’s well in the parrot world.



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