An Old Woman and A Camera


At the encouragement of a friend, Ray, I took up the camera late in life, as they say.

My interest in photography was fueled by a desire to paint my world as I saw it.

I have little interest in recording life as it appears to the objective eye.

I have experienced quite enough of life in its harsh reality.


I am searching for beauty that is not visible to the naked eye.

The beauty that is hidden from us.

The beauty that we can only see when we are still.

When we search for it beneath the familiar.

I began my adult life as a teacher of young people.

Returning to my teaching job, after an eye exam,

I realized the people were actually on the streets during the day.

They were going about their lives.

I migrated to social work that year.

I loved teaching, but I chafed at the walls of the institution

I longed for light.


What the camera taught me was that light changes our world

In magical ways.

I began to realize that everything I saw was a reflection of light.

The same scene changed dramatically depending on the changing light.

The message changed too.


A few years later, I migrated again.

To a partnership in the family business.

I knew absolutely nothing about precast concrete.

But then, I knew nothing about teaching or social work either.

So I leaped into the deep end

And kept on paddling.


After thirty years in the business,

I realized that it was time to migrate once again.

This time, to the life of a recluse.

I was finally home.

I could do whatever I wanted to do.


So, I did the logical thing, of course.

I started a blog.

Never mind that I had no idea what a blog was.


I picked up the camera again.

My purpose was and is to make a sort of photographic journal

For my grandson.

I want him to know the woman who was his grandmother.


I will be seventy-two years old in May.

My hands are shaky now.

Focusing is difficult.

Editing is too.

I am slow.  But, I love photography.


I love visiting your blogs.

I am closing comments because I can no longer keep up.

I will continue to make the blog and most of the posts public.

And, I will continue to enjoy your posts in the Reader.

I appreciate your visiting my work here, and

I thank you for following and encouraging me.

Bless you.

(If you have questions or inquiries, you can reach me at the email address below.)

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