Sepia is Mud

Sepia is not my favorite tone.

It often turns pink.

Or the color of mud.


Sepia is the color noise in my photographs.

Color Noise stalks me.  She is my Nemesis.

She lurks in the shadows waiting to invade my favorite shots.


I thought of this one as “White Chocolate”

(Or, Mud Cake)

I was sitting on the porch late one night

When I decided to snap the vase of roses.

There wasn’t much light, but the 100mm lens works well in very low light.


This one isn’t too bad.

If I can manage to get enough yellow to offset the mud, I like it okay.


This one seems to edge a bit too much toward pink.

And, it gets pinker from here.


The background is the screen on the porch.

These are your mom’s Valentine’s Day roses.

You remember, we went to the H.E.B flower display to fetch them.

Dad was at work and all of the florists in town had stopped delivering flowers.


We chose a dozen white roses and a dozen pink tulips

From the huge displays of flowers.

And, we had lunch in the deli while we waited.

It was fun.

I started out with sepia here

And increased the black until the sepia was almost gone.

I like soft tones for flowers.

Flowers really should be in color, I suppose, but these were already dried.


Actually, the only sepia tones that I like are yellowed

Like old camera plate photographs.

From Nemesis

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1867)

In spite of Virtue and the Muse,
Nemesis will have her dues,
And all our struggles and our toils
Tighter wind the giant coils.

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