Orchids fascinate me

I particularly like the back side of orchid blossoms

Their soft lines and shapes are always reminiscent of watercolors


The light through the black screen creates a mood that I enjoy

It’s always exciting to see what the camera captured



There are the fun abstracts

I created these using a plug-in for Photoshop

Called Filter Forge 4

My favorite of the abstracts

Is this one with the misplaced dab of green paint



35 Comments on “Abstracts

  1. You are a genius with these filters George! Spectacular abstracts. HAve to agree with Elisa, Photoshop should name these after you 🙂


    • Thank you, Madhu. I’m happy that you like them. I had fun playing with the filter. I have no idea how to use most of the filters in that group since they are really for graphics artists. I just happened upon this one that I could understand. Chuckle. Most of what I do is accidental or sheer happenstance. I do love stumbling around in this world, though. 🙂


  2. Wonderful, glowing pictures, my friend – my wife is an orchid enthusiast too. I especially like the first shot, and – like you – I’m also drawn to the orchid with the misplaced dab of paint. I hope this finds you well and happy. Adrian 🙂


    • Thank you, Adrian. Orchids are in a kind of special category by themselves, I think. I cannot grow them very well, but I do love the way they look. Kelli gave this one to me. I’ll try to take care of it, but I am not very hopeful. 🙂 Yes, I’m doing well. Thanks!


  3. Your abstracts are so good that Photoshop should call the plugin Filter “George” 4 😉
    The colors are so pretty, and I always enjoy the outcome when you work with your “screen” effect. Very nice!


    • Ha-ha! Thank you, Elisa. Actually, that plug-in is for graphics artists, so most of the filters make no sense to me at all. There was just this one and another one that I had any idea how to use. I’m happy that you like them. I thought it was fun to play! 🙂


    • Thank you, Sylvia! I’ve enjoyed the orchid, and I hope it will do well and blossom again. Thanks for stopping by to visit! 🙂


  4. Excellent sequence George. Liz received some orchids for Mother’s day I will taking some shots and posting . 🙂


  5. I’m a very boring person, George, and I like the orchids just the way you have captured them, in their very real exquisite beauty 🙂


    • Ha-ha! Boring, huh? So am I. I love orchids. I don’t usually do abstract stuff, but I had fun playing with these. Thanks, Jo! 🙂


  6. That’s a cool effect. I can see those abstracts being framed & displayed at some art gallery.


    • Thanks, RoSy. Download them, print them, and hang them in your gallery! 🙂 Or, download Filter Forge 4 and do some yourself. You get a thirty day trial to use it. I just applied the preset filter. I didn’t do anything else to them. Easy Peasy. 🙂


      • That is so kind of you dear George.
        I’m going to see if we have a similar option with the editing program that we have.
        Easy peasy is what I like! 😉


  7. I love orchids, too. Such lovely colors with the light coming through. And fun to play with, too–obviously! 🙂 What would you think if I said that these abstract shapes are precisely what I see when I shift from side to rearview mirror in the car. Ha ha! 😉


  8. I think the abstracts are incredibly beautiful and interesting. I don’t know how you thought of doing something so creative with the orchid photos. You’re really talented with this stuff!!!


    • Hi, Linda! I dunno’ how I thought of it, but I liked playing with the flowers in that filter. It was fun to see what the filter would do to the images. I don’t know one thing about this sort of stuff, but I enjoyed doing these. 🙂 I am enjoying the orchid that the kids gave me at Mother’s Day. Kelli judged whether it would prosper on the porch by how well yours did in the sunny window at the house here. That was a perfect spot. Hope everybody is well there. And that it’s WARM. 🙂



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