Bouquet In A Bottle


Charlie, you probably don’t remember this

Your friend, Madison, brought this bouquet in a bottle

To Mom on Mother’s Day in 2014


I know you remember how much Madison and Cassidy loved your Mom

You guys went grocery shopping together and cooked all kinds of things

They called her their second Mom


Mom always helped you guys with your projects

And took you everywhere together


Sheย used to take you and the kids

To the Great Wolf Lodge in the summer

Once, their whole family went along too


It was your very favorite place to visit

Even more fun than Steamboat Springs in the winter, I think

Every year, you announced that I was going with you, absolutely

I never went, but I loved you for wanting me to go


Linda and Hazel always came while you were there

And, Susie and Robert came with the kids, too

You always had great adventures there

How I laughed and loved hearing the funny stories when you came home


28 Comments on “Bouquet In A Bottle

  1. What treasures these posts will be for Charlie–such a lovely collection of memories here, and such beautiful photographs to accompany the narrative. These images are really wonderful, George. Color, clarity, light, composition… each one is special. I really like the composition, reflection, and color of the second. The white of the third and sixth is absolutely stunning–and so deliciously soft and edible. I love the perfectly balanced lines of the fourth–great composition, that one (I think it’s my favorite–or the second). The light play and color of the 5th and and 7th images is fascinating; there is something almost surreal about that last one–almost alien about the light, so interesting!


    • Thanks, Gail! The kids from down the street are sweet children. They’re like part of the family to Charlie and Kelli. It’s good to have neighbors and childhood friends and a sense of community when you’re a kid. That’s often missing in communities today. We live in a tiny, protected development with only three streets and one way in/out, so it’s more like the community where Kelli grew up at the old house.


  2. This is so beautiful, I got misty eyed George! Your photos are as exceptional as always. Charlie is a lucky boy! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • We do love our little boys, don’t we! I want to see your baby. I remember the wonderful portrait of you with the boys. I want Charlie to remember who his granny really was. He sees me only as his granny now, of course. I wish I’d asked my mother and grandmother many questions about their lives that I cannot ask now. I keep a private journal for him too. Thank you for always coming to visit me, Madhu. It’s important to me.


  3. Hi George! First, I love your new look. We’re alike in that we like to fiddle around until we get the right feel for our blogs – I changed mine, too! AGAIN!! Second, what a lovely entry you’ve written in your journal to Charlie. The memories, the photographs and all your little touches are so meaningful, Charlie must love them. Your photographs are in such perfect focus, very crisp – and the boca! Fabulous!! And I agree with another commenter that your abstracts are always glorious. Take care, George!!


    • I’ve been thinking about you for a whole week, Elisa! I reckon I’m gonna have to truck on over to your place to see the new look. I am so pleased that you like my photos. I had nothing to do while I was sitting at Charlie’s house waiting for him to drag himself out of his nap. He’s spent the night at a friend’s house with several other boys, and they must have stayed up all night. Eleven-year-old boys are so entertaining and naturally sweet. Thanks for stopping by, Elisa! ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Kids that age LIVE for sleepovers, in a much bigger way than when I was at that age. They have so much fun, and I think there’s so much more to do than to prank call telephone operators like we used to do!


        • Yeah, “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” Well, let him out! Ha-ha! You reminded me of the fun. I thought you were surely too young to have played pranks on the phone! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kids probably still do that.


  4. Charlie gives you beautiful memories, doesn’t he? How sweet of him to absolutely want you to join them. And you find something to photograph wherever you are. Enjoy the lovely spring weather while it lasts!


    • Hi, Jo Nell! Yes, I do so enjoy that baby Charlie! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m always looking at the elements of things now that I took up the camera. And, you’re right, we better enjoy this weather before we have to start sweating and swearing that summer will never end! The weather is “feast or famine” in Texas, for sure! Chuckle… Thanks for stopping by, Jo Nell.


    • Jo Nell, did you sign up for that security thing on WP? I can’t post a comment or a like on your last blog post. I get a message saying that my comment can’t be posted. Here it is:

      Romero suggested a Bird of Paradise for a huge pot in my pergola! I read about them and saw the pics of them. I love the way the blossoms look. I am afraid to have one, though, because the whole plant is poisonous to animals. I just know that Max would chew on pods or some part of the plant or one of the parrots would fly onto it. Yours are so pretty! I can’t click “like” because that cussed thing about verification for WP pops up. I have NO idea what the deal is about that, but it happens all the time. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Very touching post, George. And looking at the photos, which are excellent as always, I’m especially struck by the 2nd one – what a glorious abstract! – and by the 5th one – what a glorious depiction of flowers, both in terms of the subject matter and the wonderful, out of focus backdrop. I hope this finds you well and fine. Adrian


    • Thank you, Adrian. I found these flowers when I went to stay for an hour or so at Charlie’s house while his dad went to the plant to meet a customer the other day. Charlie had been to a pool party the day before and stayed over the night with a group of the boys. Apparently, they played computer games all night, so he was sleeping! I had fun moving the bottle around on the table on Kelli’s porch. The bokeh is created by the light through the trees around the porch. I always appreciate your visits, Adrian. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. What a sweet, nice story for Charlie. The photographs are great, of course.


    • Thanks, Linda. I suppose they’re going to the Great Wolf Lodge at the beginning of the summer. Charlie’s school ends on this Friday.


    • Thanks, Charlene! It was sweet of the little girl to bring the flowers to Kelli. Hope everything in your part of the world is good. Where is that new baby hiding? ๐Ÿ™‚



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