Return of the Pygmies


After the winter freezes, I feared that I had lost the Pygmy Date Palms

When the ice covered the leaves, I thought they would surely die


I have six of them in the garden and around the house

They are my favorite trees

With the exception of the Fan Palms, of course


Romero convinced me that it was necessary to trim the lower fronds

He removed as many as twelve on some of the trees

Their bearded trunks were suddenly exposed


The garden looked barren to me

I could see everything from my perch on the porch

And that took some getting used to


Even Romero was not certain that the Pygmies would survive

We have to wait to see if the center fronds die,

He said, much to my consternation


Well, they didn’t die

They began to grow new fronds in the centers of the tree tops


They produced the biggest crop of tiny dates ever!

Do you remember that I tried to convince you

To taste one of them?


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