The Blessing


Charlie, you may squander the harvest

But you must treasure the seed crop

For therein lies the source of all new beginnings

27 Comments on “The Blessing

  1. Wonderful words and a fascinating image. The light and color of the bokeh is stunning. The shadow, sunlight, and delicate curves of the stem bearing the seeds paired with the heavy stone make for such a striking combination, conveying both fragility and sturdiness.


  2. I love these profound nuggets of wisdom accompanied by the most delightful photos. You’re on to something very special here, George! 🙂


  3. Words of advice that I’m sure Charlie will take to heart, George. Your photograph is lovely…somewhat biblical as Madhu suggested. Love.


  4. There is a sense of almost biblical profundity in your superb image and accompanying words George!! Great job as always 🙂


    • Thank you, Madhu. I must have been very tired to have written such an ungrammatical line. Chuckle… We who grew up in rural farming parts of the world learned that you never feed the seed corn! 🙂


    • Hi, Charlene! I meant to reply to your info about baby cheeks. I smiled. I know you are having such fun! She is the ultimate “seed crop”, huh? Life goes on in those little pink toes! Thanks!



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