Remembering Irma

Irma and Cheeky.

Charlie, I know you will remember Irma Padilla, our housekeeper since you were a little thing.

I wanted to remind you that she was a good friend, as well.

She took care of me and helped me with the animals.

She was a professional in every way.

And, she was a fine and talented decorator, too.

She used to surprise me by moving things around in the house to really good effect.

She treated my house as if it was her house, and simply did what she thought needed to be done.

And, she loved Cheeky!

(Irma took the pictures in the Fishing Gallery below.)

Irma used to take you and her grandson, Tres Padilla, fishing at one of the neighborhood lakes.

You loved it, and you caught catfish, too.

On this day, you caught the first fish.

You had a great time and learned from the little expert fisherman!

You were about eight years old.

There is a post here about it:

In the photo below, Irma is helping you clean the fish for supper.



Irma is attempting to organize the toys in your playroom at the Sherwood house.

She was feigning horror at the prospect for your benefit!

She was fun, and she made you laugh.

You were about three years old, I think.

 This is a photo of Irma and Ruben (Listo) Padilla.

I took it at an old bar on the Goliad Highway one night.

The community held a barbeque benefit for them when their house burned.


You remember Listo.  He worked for us for years at the plant.

They were good people.

I loved Irma.  We had fun, and she was a good friend.

21 Comments on “Remembering Irma

    • Thank you, Adrian. I have known some extraordinary people in my life. And, Irma is one of them, certainly. A professional in her work and a loyal friend. I am lucky to know her! 🙂


    • Thank you, Richard. Irma loves Cheeky. She is always telling him that he should be nice to her since his home would be a total wreck without her! And, she’s right! 🙂


  1. What an amazing and beautiful job you did George to honor this amazing woman and to help her to live on in the minds and hearts of others, like myself, who never had the chance to know her in person, but will carry her forward through your words and photos. Thank you for this gift. ~ Rick


    • Thank you, Rick. Irma is an extraordinary person. I have been fortunate in my life to have known some extraordinary people, like you. I want Charlie to have a glimpse of some of them. He will remember Irma since she has been such a part of his life too. 🙂


  2. Aww…Irma sounds like a true blue sweetie.
    Love the photo that you took of her & her husband.
    And – such wonderful smiles despite having lost their house in a fire.
    Goes to show that happiness is more than material things.
    It love for life, family & friends.
    What a wonderful blessing to have her in your lives.


    • Irma and Listo are good people. Salt of the earth, I think they say. And, yes, they go on no matter what happens to them. They bought an old house just around the corner from the house that burned. They’ve transformed the new house over the last few years, and it is even better. Life goes on whether you whine or laugh. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Irma is a delightful woman and a good friend. As I said, below, she’s the kind of friend who would help you hide the body. The only kind that counts with me! Thanks. RoSy!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. A special person indeed, and lucky to have been associated with both you and Charlie. The images of fishing brought me back to my childhood when I used to indulge in such things! The picture of Charlie’s room also brought me back … my Mom wouldn’t have let me eat dinner until I set chaos right! And the portrait of Irma and Listo speaks volumes to their warmth. Lovely looking folks … the sort I’d like to get to know … you’re a lucky lady to know and to have known both of them. D


    • Yes, it seems that a Miss Sarah or an Irma always appeared when I most needed them. I love Irma. She’s a good friend. The kind who would help you hide the body… Chuckle… We have lots of laughs and share everything. I am a working class woman in my heart. But, it has served me well. There is nothing too close to the bone for me to do. If you have no preconceived notions about who you should be or how you should behave, life is far more interesting! Like Irma, I do what I see that needs to be done… Whatever it is. I identify far more with the waiter than I do with the speaker of the house… 🙂 Thanks, D.

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  4. What a great tribute to Irma! Although I’ve never been around her a lot, I’ve thought she seemed so confident and capable. I know she’s almost part of the family. See you this afternoon!!!!



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