First Haircut

You have no idea what a production an adoring mother and a doting grandmother

can make of a baby’s first haircut!

Here, you are meeting Jessica Rodriguez for the first time.

You must have been about eighteen months old.

And, you were highly dubious about this “haircut business”.

Mom is telling Jess how to cut your hair, and Jess is ignoring her.

Jess has children of her own.  Two boys.  Lots of little boy haircuts.

She is great with kids too.  Here she is talking to distract you.

The gallery below includes some of the many shots that I took that day.

Mom was crouched next to your chair.

There is no way you would have allowed your hair to be cut

without Mom’s cheerleading!

You are finally securely in Mom’s arms again.

She had come in from a job installation to go with us.

There wasn’t a chance that she wouldn’t be there to “protect” her baby!

After the haircut, you and Jess became best buddies.

She cut your hair for years until you decided to go with Dad to the barber.

You and I would go from the shop in the afternoon after school

to get our hair cut.  We teased each other about who would “go first”!

I always lost and had to be first, of course!


46 Comments on “First Haircut

  1. My son is 1 1/2 now and we haven’t cut his hair yet. I had to cut his forelock a bit, because the hair fell in his eyes, but except from that we haven’t touched it (and his mom won’t let me either).


  2. The expressions on Charlie’s face are priceless! They run the gamut from slightly terrified, highly dubious to “hmmm, not bad.” You have such a talent for capturing the moment. It’s funny, some kids looks change very much over the years, but Charlie still looks very much the same, as handsome, but more grown up. 🙂


  3. Awww…
    You even brought back memories from when my exchange student (now 17) got his first haircut.
    How grown up they look afterward – eh?


  4. This was great, George! Reminds me of Alex’s first haircut. He was frightened and quite uncooperative. Threw a cookie at the hair dresser and cried the whole time. She told me never to call it a hair “cut.” Sounds so violent or painful. Made sense, but I trimmed his hair until he was in, like sixth grade after that! 😉

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    • Hi, Lorna! I really laughed about Alex and his haircut! We feared that same scenario with our Charlie. He was shy and “discriminating” by that age! Jess has five kids of her own, so she is very good with babies. I’m sure Charlie sensed that she was a friend, too. We all made a big production out of it. I was surprised that it went so well! After that initial haircut, he was always happy to see Jess. Thank goodness. Otherwise, he would have had a seriously homemade haircut! He has thick hair now and decides how it should be styled! Kids! 🙂


    • HI, Water Girl! Charlie was a shy baby by that time, so it was a touch and go situation! Jess charmed him into not being afraid of the scissors! I thought his curiosity about his haircut in the mirror was hysterically funny. He looks like a little old man in some of these photos! He is still a sweetheart boy, thank goodness! Thanks for stopping by to visit us! 🙂


  5. Charlie was an adorable 18-month-old! How wonderful for you both that you could be there to record it for you both. You took great photos even then. I cherish every “first” I have had with my grandson. Sending smiles your way!


    • Thanks, Jo Nell. We thought he was the most awesome kid in the world, of course! We do cherish our time with our grandsons. How old is your grandson? Thanks for stopping by, as always, Jo Nell! 🙂


  6. Lovely memories, George. It’s great that you took all these photos of such a memorable occasion. I remember my son’s first vist to the hair salon was quite traumatic, and involved a whole box of chocolate ‘Smarties’, most of which ended up on the floor. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Sylvia! What a chuckle I got from your description of the box of “Smarties”! Charlie had a pacifier that he preferred to candy in stressful situations. Kelli and Jess entertained him with such enthusiasm that he hardly realized that he should have been traumatized! It was some production to get that first one! After that, he loved Jess so he never complained! 🙂


  7. Wonderful memories and images. George–thank you for sharing them. I have two boys and I remember, when they were small and money was tight, trying to trim their hair myself. I can still hear them saying, “Not a home job, Mom!” Obviously, cutting hair wasn’t one of my strong points!


    • Hi, Celia! I love that Gravatar! I chuckled about the “home job haircut”. Charlie’s dad said his mom cut his hair with a bowl on his head! It must have looked as if she actually did it with a bowl. I used to cut a few friend’s hair years ago. And give home perms. Now that was stinky business with that awful ammonia smell! I’d forgotten about those home perm kits! Chuckle… Thanks for stopping by to visit! 🙂


  8. What precious photographs of our precious little Charlie! It’s so good that you documented it.


    • Yes, these survived when I lost most of the early ones. I had books made of the early photos so they aren’t really lost. This was on a thumb drive that Kelli backed up from her work HD. I am glad that I snapped these, too. I must have just gotten into using my first camera! 🙂


  9. Such wonderful memories! I feel blessed and honored to have been the one that was trusted to lower the ears of your baby. I remember the pacifier and monkey. Then just monkey. Then just Charlie. I have a few kiddo clients who I feel a bond with…Charlie was one of them. Seems that he grew up so fast! And yes, you always did lose out and had to go first….hahaha!! Love you, George….and Charlie!!


    • Ah, Jess, Charlie always loved coming to get his hair cut. I laughed when you reminded me of the pacifier and Monk, then Monk, then just Charlie! Now, you KNOW that took years to evolve! But, you look just the same! Some kind of magic going on there… Thanks for everything, Jessica! Good memories and all! 🙂


  10. Beautiful post George. Isn’t Charlie about 10 or 12 now? That would make these images just about 8 or 10 if Charlie was two then. Were these digital? if so, they were made when digital cameras were in their infancy … and you still managed to do a great job, capturing the many moments like a pro. I suppose you were using flash indoors, but I see no evidence of red-eye. Our fall season has finally gotten into gear. All of a sudden the trees have real color in them. Reds, oranges, yellows … and what green remains is fading fast. It’s amazing how quickly the season proceeds once it gets going. Also, I’ve been meaning to ask, what sort of critter is Che? Not a gerbil, hamster, or mouse … buts she/he looks related in some way. Before signing off you can tell Charlie, the next time you see him, that Joanna has cut my hair all the years we’ve been married. She does it with clippers, the same sort we used to clip the goats with! Although, at this stage of the game, all that’s really required is that she give a quiz buzz up one side of my head, a quiz buzz down the other, and that’s really about it … there’s not a whole heck of a lot left to manage. She used to cut my beard too … but now I do that myself (I’m a big boy now and can be trusted with the clippers, but only if I promise to be very careful). Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine … if sunshine there be down south! D


    • Charlie was eleven on April 29 of this year. He is five feet, eight inches tall! He looks fifteen. All of our families grew tall very early on. Charlie’s Dad is six feet, five inches, or so. There was a lot of light in Jessica’s shop, so I doubt there was a flash. Che is a Chinchilla. He’s about five years old now. I’ve really enjoyed him. I cut Dean’s hair from when he was probably in his early thirties or before. I also cut his beard with scissors because it was curly and hard to cut. He refused to go to a hairdresser. He got a haircut about twice a year. I know the fall colors are coming around in PA, for sure. They will be blazing in NC too. For some reason, I don’t miss that. We used to go up into the mountains to see the leaves every year when I was a kid. They are impressive. Thanks, Dave.


  11. What a great family story… my mother was a hair dresser and used to cut my hair when I was a kid… now I have so little I cut my own…
    George your photos, no matter what you take, are all so clear and beautifully composed… are you turning professional or something?


    • Ha-ha, Rob! You are the sweetest Bulldog on the planet, for sure! This was ten years ago when I got my first camera. It was a Fujifilm S-20 Pro. The early digital cameras were pretty good. I never used a film camera. Well, except the old Brownies! And they were pretty awful. Dean had Minolta cameras, but I never used them. You inherited her hair dressing talent, apparently. I used to whack mine off sometimes. The last encounter with the dog clippers left two bald patches on the front of my head… You’d think after the first swipe, I’d have let well enough alone. Not me, of course, I hit it a second time! It was too funny. I had the wrong blades in the clippers! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  12. This is so beautiful dear George, I remembered my old days with my sun 🙂 You are amazing. Thank you. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia


    • Ah, thank you, Nia! Our children are such blessings. And, our grandchildren are as precious to us. I remembered that you have a son. Thank you for coming by to visit us, Nia. I appreciate it. Blessings and happiness to you too. 🙂

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    • Aw, what sweet babies in the Gravatar! 🙂 Kelli had cut bits of Charlie’s hair since he was born, but he didn’t have much hair then. That first haircut was a major production! Now, he orders up his own hairstyle at his barber. Time flies. But, we remember when they were little, too. Thanks for stopping by to visit! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Jamie! That baby is eleven now and five feet, eight inches tall! He is an only child and an only grandchild, so you can imagine how spoiled he is! Chuckle… Thanks for stopping by to visit me! 🙂


  13. Every parent and grandparent has a “first haircut” memory, but you have truly captured Charlie’s personal haircut memory for all to see in the years to come. Truly great pictures. I love the “Watch the ears” one…too funny.



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