The Last Hurrah #I


The view from the eleventh floor balcony of the San Luis Resort Hotel, Galveston, Texas

Iced coffee courtesy of Jose Garcis, Mickey D’s, Victoria, Texas

(Isn’t that the way the travel blogs do it?)

Jose gave Kelli enough iced coffee for the weekend only after he demanded to know

precisely where she was taking Granny!


Sunrise I

This is the first real sunrise I’ve seen in a very long time.

I think you were still sleeping, Charlie!


This couple had the beach all to themselves.

I’m sure they had no idea they were being photographed.

What a delight to share in their youthful exuberance.


And, there was the lone fisherman

sitting on the little jetty.

I never saw him catch anything.

I think he was simply enjoying the morning.


And, there were a few early birds on the pier, too.


You and mom tossing a water ball back and forth

while I watched from the balcony.

I decided to join you, but I found a little nap nook instead!

You and Mom woke me up on your way from the pool.

I never did get around to that swim!


Whoever said the last of life is the sweetest

was sipping his favorite drink and smoking his favorite pipe

on a quiet balcony somewhere overlooking the ocean in the stillness of the night.

40 Comments on “The Last Hurrah #I

  1. Classic post, George – oh you do these things so well, my dear! What a beautiful place >>> but my favourite shots here have to be the two of you in the little nap nook – especially the one where you’re smiling at the camera – just wonderful stuff! 🙂 The sunrise is also very impressive. I hope you’re keeping fine, my dear! Adrian


  2. What joy I see in this post! And it is good to see you out like a tourist. You look quite glamorous in your hat and sun glasses lounging at the pool like a movie star. Your photos are so expansive compared to the ones taken around your home – as if your world has expanded. What a wonderful trip for you and those you love the most.


    • Hi, Rob! It really was nice this time of year. I enjoyed it very much. I hope all is well in South Africa! Is the book out yet? I’m sorry that I have been absent from the Bulldog lately. What were those bird nests that hang like melons on long woven rope-like “necks”? I saw one in the rainforest area of Moody Gardens and thought of you. I loved those that you posted and remembered them. Thanks for stopping by, Rob! 🙂


    • Hi, Colline. It is a perfect weekend place to visit. The kids go often. The weather was great, too. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, although I really am a hermit in my heart! Chuckle… Thanks for always stopping by!


    • Haha! Yep, a lovely time really was had by all. That round sofa thing was like a bed! I couldn’t resist it just waiting there for me in my own personal nook by the pool area. 🙂 I thought I looked remarkably like Mrs. Potato Head with a funny hat! Chuckle… Thanks for stopping by, pretty girl!


    • It really was ideal, Lorna. The weather was perfect and the hotel is very nice. I enjoyed the balcony tremendously since I could see everything that was moving. The kids always stay in the same room on the eleventh floor because it is ideally located for the view. Thanks for stopping by, as always! 🙂 Hey, I lost the email with the address!! ;-/


  3. Oh wow! Great photographs, as usual! I love the hat and the fun look of the rapids or whatever with you sailing merrily away!!! I have been spiritually restored with our few days at the beach. It’s amazing how calming it is. That may change tomorrow with the arrival of Cate and Collier!! The San Louis Resort looks fabulous and is a great deal closer than NC!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, it’s far closer than NC! We should go back together this fall. I know you’ve enjoyed the beach and the kids! Let me know where you want us to go together soon. 🙂


    • Hi, Victor! I really did enjoy the entire weekend. So relaxing and comfortable. Of course, Kelli “lives to serve”, as I always say of her. She thinks of absolutely every tiny detail. The weather was perfect, too. Thanks for stopping by, Victor. I think of you often. 🙂


    • Thanks, Kenn. It couldn’t have been a more perfect weekend. The weather was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the balcony and the food and the Gardens. And, of course, the kids! 🙂


  4. Oh such lovely images. I feel I can take in some deep breaths of fresh air looking at these photos. Such a wonderful view from that balcony. How quiet and relaxing it all feels. I’m a water girl, you know. Little Pie is a water baby, too. I think we need to get to the coast. 🙂

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    • I think you need to get to the coast, yes! The restorative power of the ocean… I do love it at night and early in the morning. I don’t like sand and baking sun, however. I enjoyed watching the activity along the beach. And I especially enjoyed sitting on the balcony. Wish you had been there, as the postcards say! 🙂


    • Thank you, Amy! I enjoyed the weekend tremendously. It was a perfect place to relax and the weather was great, too. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  5. Hi there George. We’ve both been thinking of you … even before this post showed up in the WPReader. Glad you’ve been able to take in some of that ‘good life.’ You certainly deserve it and look as though you’re having a very relaxing time of it. Charlie looks so big in the photo you’ve included of him. Hey … have you ever considered signing on as a member of the Paparazzi … some of the photos you’ve posted here would suggested that you’re highly practiced in their techniques! My first thought, when seeing you away from home was … Who is taking care of the animals? I’m sure you have the bases covered. The warmth conveyed by your photos certainly beats the cool breezes and cooler temperatures outside the window next to me! Enjoy. Keep warm. Eat well. Sleep well. And keep taking naps and lots of nice photos. D (+J)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Farmer! Charlie is five feet, nine inches tall and eleven years old! His dad is six, five, so he will be very tall. My longtime housekeeper, Irma, took care of the animals. She called on Sunday morning to say that Little Lucy refused to eat her bugs. The temperature was correct in her tank, and Irma had no idea why she wouldn’t eat! When I got home and held her for a bit, she gobbled up her dish of bugs! Animals are strangely sensitive to change. LL knows Irma, but I suppose she sensed that something in her world was not right. I enjoyed the trip. The kids talked me into going, and I was happy that I went. Thanks for the nice words about my photos. 🙂 Hello to Joanna!


      • That’s funny … when we travel with Mr. Darcy he seems to go off his food to the degree that we’re convinced he’s gone on a hunger strike to protest being away from his routine at home. As soon as we return … he’s a chow-hound once again. Aren’t our animals funny? I wonder if they think the same of us! D (+J)


    • HI, Sylvia! I think Kelli should be a tour director. She thinks of absolutely everything to make everybody comfortable and happy! I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  6. Definitely, for sure, I have to visit Galveston this year! The Gulf looks great, I really love the wind blowing across the surf. I also don”t remember the last time I saw a sunrise.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road

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    • The kids go to Galveston fairly often and always stay at the San Luis in the same room: #1127. because it is very nice and has a wonderful view from the balcony. I enjoyed the Moody Gardens pyramids. And the old cemetery that takes up a huge chunk of the town off the beach. We had great seafood at Bubba Gump’s Seafood Company. The weather is good at this time of year, too. Thanks for visiting, Ruth! 🙂



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