We Missed the Boat!

Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas

 October, 2014


 Mom wanted to take the paddle boat ride around the island.

We got there just in time to see it leave the dock.

Mom wanted to go back later, but we didn’t want to go.

After the weekend, you and I talked about how bad we felt that we didn’t go with her.

Mom always makes everything absolutely perfect for everybody.


Mom was sitting at the dock in the wheelchair.

This is my very favorite photograph of you and Mom.

Well, since you grew up, I guess.

I’m almost glad we didn’t get there in time for the boat ride

Since I have this wonderful memory of my two loves!

While we were at Moody Gardens,

We saw a fascinating 3-D film about the formation of the Galapagos

Islands and the strange creatures who inhabit them.

We had a nice lunch at the restaurant, and

You and Mom morphed into Mama Frog and Baby Frog.

Then we wandered around in a gift shop

Where I bought that goofy, twelve-dollar, straw hat.

I liked the glamorous floppy one, but you guys said it didn’t look good!


9 Comments on “We Missed the Boat!

  1. It seems it turned out all right. Aren’t those simple memories sometimes the best? Great photo of Charlie and Kelli. Charlie has been and will be in good hands. I know you have been enjoying this magnificent weather!


  2. Oh I do love this George what happy memories for everyone…including us… and I’ will end with a good Afrikaans word… Sterkte.. (Expression used to wish someone the strength to persevere whatever hardship they are experiencing)…

    Liked by 1 person


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