Is She Gravid?


Oh, Dear!  I think Little Lucy is gravid (about to lay eggs)!

She is exhibiting all the signs of a gravid dragon.

Some female dragons who are not bred will lay eggs.

Just my luck!


Little Lucy began to develop a huge belly some time ago.

I asked the breeder, who sells Dubia roaches, if a dragon could be too fat.

He assured me that it was harmless as long as she pooped.

Well, that’s easy enough to observe…  (Believe me!)



She was not only really wide.

She was so fat that her back was round.

However, every animal who lives anywhere near me is fat!


But, then…

She started glass dancing.

That was a new behavior for her, and I suspected something had changed.

She started scratching the paper toweling as if she were digging a tunnel,

And hiding under the towels.

She wasn’t going into the old cave which had a small opening,

So I changed her cave to a bigger one with a larger opening.

Then she started hiding in it for a good portion of the day.

She is losing weight (her foot pads are almost gone!)

I am fearful that she is egg-bound.


Irma  called while we were in Galveston on our little holiday.

She was panicked because Little Lucy wouldn’t eat her roaches.

The tank temperatures were correct.

But, she was eating only her greens.

Since LL is such a piglet, I thought it strange, too.

When I got home and held her for a bit, she gobbled up all of her roaches!

And, I thought she just missed me…

However, she stopped eating them again yesterday.

When I contacted Joan, the reptile expert, she agreed that LL is probably gravid.

So…  I follow her directions to make a lay box.

The materials:

A fifty-gallon Rubbermaid tub (with wheels, preferably)

Sixty pounds of foundation sand

A clamp on light with a 100-watt basking bulb


Cut off about half the lid.

Wet the sand and pack it on one end of the tub.

Clamp on the light.

Drag up a wet nurse stool.

Add Dragon…


(To be continued…)

23 Comments on “Is She Gravid?

  1. A moment full of gravidy. 😀
    Trying to get caught up on blog visits – had cataract surgery On Halloween. Now have a post – an I witness account. 🙂


  2. Fascinating! So if she lays eggs w/o having been er, um, fertilized, does that mean the eggs will be sterile. I hate to see both of you go through so much bother for empty eggs. Wahhhh. Can’t wait for the next installment.


  3. Oh my! Has LL done this before? Even it she hasn’t, I’m sure all will be well. Please do keep us up-to-date. In any case, LL has the best care available. D


  4. Oh no!!! Poor little Lucy!! She’s clearly much “fatter” looking than when I saw her. Is there a Vet you know who has any experience with dragons? I’ll be worried about her…and you..too!!


    • Thanks, Christine! I am pacing the floor with anxiety. I hope I can find a vet to x-ray her early this morning! I know how dangerous this is for her. Oh, dear… You’d think she’s a daughter instead of a dragon! Chuckle…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Rob, I am very worried about LL. I didn’t realize that she could be gravid! This has gone on for several weeks, and I am really worried that she is egg-bound. I am hounding the vets to come in tomorrow to x-ray her. Having eggs at her age is very dangerous. She could easily die. Oh, dear! Thank goodness, I finally realized what was going on! Wish us luck! 🙂



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