Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from ME and Ronald McDonald!


Only treats with a smile!

No tricks, unless you’re George!

Then, a trick is in order from these kids!



You look cute, Julie.

The Ronald McDonald outfit that you designed is clever!

27 Comments on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I remember that you introduced us to the entire crowd at this establishment sometime last year … was it Christmas or New Year’s perhaps? In any case, I hope they are all well and that the coffee there is still to your liking! D

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    • It was Christmas when we had our weeks long photo fun last year. Lord, D, I would drink that coffee if it were mud. Well not exactly… I make them re-do it if the coffee is old or not to my liking. They laugh, of course, and each one swears it was the other one made it badly. Jose’s mother, Martha, had a bad auto accident late last night, and one of the twin boys was with her. The other twin had an auto accident on the way to the wreck! He’s okay as is his brother who was in the car with Martha. They life-flighted her to San Antonio. I am anxiously waiting to hear how she is. I love those kids. Such terrible things happen to people. We have to find a way to get from one place to another that isn’t so often fatal. Sigh… I would like to be alive 100 years from now (just for a day or two) as my mother used to say. She was so excited about all of the new technology even when she was ninety years old. Hope everything on the farm is good. BTW, go to Africa, Scotland, wherever you want to go. Do it now. Tomorrow may not come. πŸ™‚


      • Thanks for taking the time to respond George. I’ve got my Dunkin Donuts coffee at my side as I write. I’m as dedicated to it as your are to your McDonald’s brew. D

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    • Happy All Saints Day, Richard. When is All Hallows day in England? We have little reverence for the dead here, as you probably know. I doubt most kids realize why there is even a Halloween. The older I get, the more disgusted I become with the commercialization of everything here. There are wonderful traditional foods prepared for DΓ­a de Muertos in Mexico. And, of course, other countries too. Julie found the striped shirt and painted the tee shirt to look like Ronald McDonald. You can’t see her hair, but it’s pink! Chuckle… Those kids are so clever and nice. I love them. Thank you, Richard, for following along with me here.


    • I guess Halloween is an American thing? Anyway, the kids love to dress up. I know there is DΓ­a de Muertos, Day Of the Dead, in Mexico. Like Halloween here, I guess. I assume other cultures celebrate the dead with a bit more reverence than our Halloween! All Hallows Day (All Saints Day) in England, maybe. I forget! This girl was dressed like Ronald McDonald. She painted her shirt, and I thought it was clever of her. Thanks, Nia.


    • Hi, Victor! It’s always so nice to see your mug on my blog! Chuckle. The kids at Mickey D’s are wonderful. I enjoy every one of them. My grandson, Charlie is eleven, and didn’t dress in his “A” costume (a character from “Pretty Little Liars”). I’m going to force him to put it on tomorrow for the photo! That little rascal! When I went through the line tonight, one of the boys fetched a bowl of candy treats, hidden under the window, for me to choose one. I took the whole bowl and picked out the one I liked. I tease them unmercifully and they always laugh. Thanks, Victor!


  2. Happy Halloween to you and Charlie. I saw one of the elderly lady cashiers in Target today, who had painted her nose bright red, and her cheeks too for good measure. She really made me smile, just like your photos did. xx

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    • I’m glad I made you smile, Sylvia. Julie surprised me since she rarely dresses in costume for holidays. I thought she was cute. It was a lot of trouble to find the stuff and to paint the tee shirt. Those kids are just the nicest people! Thank you for always visiting me. It’s important to me. πŸ™‚

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    • Those are the nicest kids. They always tease me and make me smile. They’re a happy bunch. Thank you for remembering me, Linda. You are so very kind! πŸ™‚


    • Charlie went off to a house party at a friend’s house. His parents put on a real show for holidays! I have to get hold of him tomorrow and make him put his costume back on for the photo! Chuckle… By the way, it was only today that Irma took out the roses. I don’t think I ever had roses that lasted that long and looked so pretty. I enjoyed them SO much! Thank you, Glenda!


    • Hi, Rob! Those kids at Mickey D’s are so much fun! I love them. And, they are so very good to me. Julie never dresses in costume for holidays, so she surprised me today. I thought she was cute and had to go back to snap her photo! Hope all is well in SA! Thank you, Rob! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Ashley! Yes, I’m doing well. Julie was dressed as Ronald McDonald. I thought that was clever. She spent a lot of time working on her costume. It made me laugh! Thank you for stopping by. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Jo Nell. I don’t really do Halloween anymore because it drives the animals crazy when the doorbell ring or they hear somebody outside, but I love the kids’ costumes. I thought Julie was clever to dress like Ronald McDonald!



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