Trippin’ in a Car Wash!

Ā I bought a “premium car wash” when I filled up with gas.

Only to discover that the car wash was closed for repairs.

The old number did not work.

finally I got a new number and headed in to endure yet another wait in a car wash.


But, only after I backed all the way out when I saw a truck already in the thing!

Finally, I drove back in and prepared to wait for it to do its thing.

I am not good at waiting.


First, you get the soapy water in your face.

And, I forgot my Kindle.

What does one do in a car wash sans Kindle?

Thank whatever gods may be for reminding me to carry my camera!



You get attacked by the blood-sucking tentacles!

I tried not to look…


Finally, after you resign yourself to living there for the rest of your life

The light turns green and you get a “Premium” stars reward for your trouble!


I think I’ll stick to the hundred-dollar detail shop.

I can sit inside and read my Kindle.

Besides, they transform the interior stench that is reminiscent of an old bar and a garbage dump

into a fresh, linen scent.


37 Comments on “Trippin’ in a Car Wash!

    • Heck, I missed this again! Good grief. The old cognitive function must really be slipping. Chuckle…
      I had fun snapping the stuff as it swished by the window. I had absolutely no idea whether any of the photos would be more than a blur. I didn’t even change the setting on the camera. I was just passing the time and didn’t care. šŸ™‚ Glad you liked them. And thanks for always wishing me well. Things are going just fine. I really am not sick at all.


    • Well, TBD, how in the world did I miss replying to you, of all people! I love seeing your face here, as you know. I’m glad you liked the photos. I had no idea whether I’d get anything more than a fuzzy blur, but I had to do something to entertain myself since I don’t sit and wait very well at all! Chuckle…Thanks for stopping by to visit me!

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    • Thanks, Linda. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Kelli uses the Kindle app too, but I can’t see well enough and don’t like it. Besides, I can never locate my phone. Usually, Charlie has it in his pocket! I am determined to give him one for Christmas! Not that I really believe I’ll carry mine anyway. I don’t move about enough to actually require a phone. Kelli ordered an IPhone 6 for me because it’s bigger and the letters are easier to touch. My tremor prohibits texting which I would do if I could. šŸ™‚ Thanks again, Linda. You are so kind to always visit me!

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    • I’ve had a half-dozen of them and I never saw a darn thing. Somebody forgot to put the Versed in your vein! Chuckle… Are you sure you weren’t eating the wrong mushrooms? šŸ˜‰


    • Oh, Nono, that is the nicest thing anybody ever said about a photograph of mine. Thank you. You are a dear boy! I have missed seeing your posts for some reason. I hope all is well for you and your family! šŸ™‚


    • Absolutely nothing is worth being locked into a space from which you cannot escape! I could easily go to prison if they wouldn’t lock the damn door! Chuckle… I have a thing about not being able to walk away. Often, I simply walk out of places when I’m expected to be there. I find myself thinking, ” I gotta’ go!” The reason I do not like boats is that you can’t get out and walk back to shore. You’re stuck! I sit in straight-back chairs given a choice. I’m either full-speed ahead or dead asleep. It’s a miracle that I lived to be seventy-two years old since I abused the equipment unmercifully. I drive the same way. I have more brake dust on my wheels than a teenager! I am in a hurry. Always. It’s a personality disorder, I think. My mother appeared to think so! I adored her for that too. I’m glad you liked the funky shots. Thank you so much for visiting me, Richard. You are a good man. Period.


    • I’ve always been a little crazy, Lorna. Chuckle… I just wondered how a photo of the car wash flapper things would look. I had no idea whether you’d be able to tell what they were even. At any rate, it occupied my time! Is the book finished?


  1. That’s one very scary car wash, George, but what fun you had in there. I’m also glad that you forgot your kindle. You really got your money’s worth, and entertained us too. Can’t be bad. Thanks for the smiles. šŸ˜€ ā™„ ā™„

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    • I have to be doing something all the time, Sylvia. Sitting still is not my thing. I always have my Kindle, but not that day. So, I snapped the swishing things as they attacked my car! I read my Kindle when I’m in line at a drive-thru restaurant or wait for food in a restaurant. Years ago, I worked on my client evaluations in the same way. Being a loner, I always entertained myself. I think “loners” probably adjust much better to old age and withdrawal from the workforce much more comfortably than more social creatures. You would think that I am the most gregarious, outgoing person you ever met, but I really am not. I think that’s why I see strange aspects of things. My mother used to be frustrated by that characteristic in me. I walk around in my own world. Now that I’m obviously old, I’m certain lots of folks think I must be in a serious state of cognitive decline! Chuckle… I’m glad you liked the funky fotos. Thanks as always, Sylvia. I appreciate your visits so very much!! šŸ™‚

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  2. I can hardly believe you can turn the view inside a car wash into such photographs. I hadn’t been in one in ages but Hazel and I went through one yesterday. You do feel isolated and attacked with all that stuff powerfully sprayed at you.

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    • Well, depends on how you see stuff. I don’t see the same way other people see. You ought to know that by now. Or think the same way, unfortunately! Chuckle…


  3. You cannot convince me that the inside of your vehicle smells as you have described it. I will simply NOT believe it. I remember going to the car wash when I was a kid. All very exciting. But, in those days, you couldn’t sit in the car! You had to walk along side (in an observation tunnel of sorts) while the thing traveled through the wash area. Only when it had been hand dried by several attendants could you then get back in. I wash my truck … as often as it rains! I’m not very good at cosmetic maintenance on the vehicles. Joanna would say that extends to ME as well. She’s always after me to shave more often, comb my hair, and tuck in my shirt (all the way around … can you believe it?!). She’s just soooo unreasonable! I love her anyway! D

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    • Grow a beard, throw away the belt, wear whatever feels right on you. Deano wore shirts and ties for a long time in his job. When he left, he grew a beard, stopped wearing a watch and owned one navy blazer and one dress suit and a pair of dress shoes. That’s it. He wore jeans (from Walmart) for the rest of his life. Of course, he had to have expensive shirts and coats, but those Walmart jeans (Wranglers) amused me. He wore what he wanted to wear no matter where he went. I gave him two or three haircuts a year. And I didn’t care what he did. He was comfortable in his own skin and that is remarkable in anybody.

      Detail auto shops still have fancy glass walls where you can stand and watch the cars go through. They still hover around the car when it comes out shining and drying and detailing the inside. I don’t remember when any member of my family washed a car! The kids washed Jeremy’s truck one summer for fun. The employees at the plant wash the trucks including Jeremy’s. Actually, you can’t wash your car in our neighborhood! Or leave your garage door open. Or leave your garbage cans outside. Or have a pet chicken! I wanted a pet Silkie chicken, but couldn’t have one. Too funny.

      And, yes, Kelli will vouch for the cigarette stench in my car. Says it reminds her of an old bar. Guess she outgrew her days hanging in the clubs, huh? Now, she says she can’t imagine how she breathed in them!

      Clean up your act for Joanna. She’s a real prize, you know! Chuckle…

      And buy that love a parrot!!!


    • Thank you, Nia. I just played with the photos in a Photoshop plug-in called Filter Forge 4. Sometimes, it’s lots of fun with some images. Thank you for following along with me, Nia! You are the BEST! šŸ™‚

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    • Whatcha’ gonna’ do trapped in your car in a car wash? I snapped photos after I found the camera under the pile of stuff in the passenger’s seat! I absolutely cannot sit still and wait for anything. I can sit and read or snap photos, but I cannot just do nothing. I do not understand the concepts of boredom or of “rest” that people talk about. I’m either full-steam ahead or sleeping like the dead. Now, I guess it would be “practicing to be dead”! Chuckle… Thank you so much, Rob. You are my best cheerleader ever! I would visit you in SA if I weren’t worried that I might drop dead on you! LOL (as they write on FB)…


    • Heck, Naomi, I just pointed and snapped when the blood suckers passed by the window. I absolutely cannot stand to wait in a car wash or anywhere else if I know the door can’t open and let me out! Thank goodness I found the camera under the pile on the passenger seat. I thought of snapping the garbage dump in the floor of the passenger seat, but thought better of it. You would hardly believe the numbers of empty water bottles, straw covers, receipts, banana peels, and worse! About every three months I take old Lucy in for a real bath. The guy knows me (probably because I have the filthiest car in town) and promises to remove all of the nasty from inside. They actually work miracles there. Chuckle. I use that Filter Forge 4 Photoshop plug-in to do the abstract stuff. It’s easy and fun. Go through a car wash and try it. The photos will surprise you. šŸ™‚


      • Hii George!
        Mama always said that the worst thing about dyin’ was it was so damn boring!! She had things she wanted to do and couldn’t!! She just could not sit still either! Your photos are WONDERFUL!!!
        Love you, SWEET LADY

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        • I remember her telling me that. I could understand it coming from her. I am the same way except that I am not quite as energetic as she always was. Glad you like the photos! It’s so good to hear from you, Susie! I hope you are doing well. Hello to Butch, too. And, of course, the babies… šŸ™‚



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