Little Britches’ Visit to the Refrigerator!


Miss Little Britches is Jeremy’s kitten.

When I woke up at the ranch at two o’clock on Sunday morning,

I opened the refrigerator door to fetch a bottle of mocha frappuccino.

I left the door open for a few minutes instead of turning on a light

since I thought I might awaken the kids.

Then I shut the door.

After some time, I opened the door again.

There sat Miss Little Britches on a shelf exactly as she is sitting in this photo.

She looked at me as if being in a refrigerator were a perfectly normal place to be.

I had to shoo her out of the refrigerator!


(Perhaps, I really do need a keeper, as I often joke…)

31 Comments on “Little Britches’ Visit to the Refrigerator!

    • Hi, Jo. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. I get lost sometimes! πŸ™‚ I thought the same thing when I saw her sitting there! I am doing fine. Really. I’m not sick. I still have to try to learn how to be old or sick! The hospice nurses and I laugh about that. They say they will have to “fudge a little” to keep me when it’s time for a review. I enjoy them too. I’m too busy to think about being sick or dying. I have too much to do! Chuckle… Thanks, Jo!

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    • Hi, Richard! I never thought of their level of embarrassment. I always figured they couldn’t care less about the opinions of humans! I saw a cat that I would have taken immediately if I didn’t have a veritable zoo here already. He was obviously my kind of cat. He looked remarkably like a puma. I have never seen such a domestic cat. He ignored everybody. His face was from the jungle. His legs were long and he walked like a jungle cat. He was light gray with strange blue-green eyes, upright ears and short hair. A beautiful animal.

      Little Britches is sweet and curious and can jump to unreal heights already. I’d lose that kitten within one day at my house. I will not be babysitting her when the kids go on their trips! Chuckle… I don’t think they’d trust me now, at any rate! πŸ™‚ She was just too cute looking up at me from that refrigerator shelf as if absolutely nothing was amiss. Chuckle…

      Thanks for dropping in, Richard.


      • They are so beautiful when they have the look of the wild about them – I never used to like cats, but Nikki introduced me to a couple and now I love them – they’re only domesticated when it suits them, and yes disdainful, which I find hilarious. Never known one to hang out in the fridge though πŸ™‚

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  1. Oh my! It’s good you went back for a second look! I’m not sure I’ve told you that cats are Joanna’s favorite. We’ve got only three in the house but three or four times that many in the barns and out-buildings. Joanna is sure to talk to each of them every day – at length – to ask after their health and emotional state. When we take the dog out for his last ‘walk’ of the day it often takes ‘forever’ since Joanna has to say ‘Hello and Good Evening’ to absolutely every cat we happen to pass! I, on the other hand, think that cats are just … OK! D

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    • I feel the same way about cats. I like them okay, but I don’t pay much attention to them. I did sit all night with Kelli’s seventeen-year-old cat to keep him comfortable when he was dying. I did that because he had been such a part of the family for so long. He was a lap cat! Kelli and JC have two kittens now. Kelli is fostering the cutest one you ever saw from the animal rescue place here. She’s already paid for him, but she can’t legitimately keep him until he’s older. She had to take him in today for them to verify that he was healthy… She probably knows more about cats than they do. She said they’d “play hell” getting him back now! They take the cats to the office every day! And fed Little Britches kitten formula from a bottle for weeks. I saw a cat that looked remarkably like a puma at the shelter recently. I could tell that he couldn’t care less about people. I would have taken him if I didn’t have dogs and so many animals. I’ve never seen such a handsome, weird, jungle-looking cat in my life. I guess people don’t want “wild animal” looking cats who don’t seem to care about people. I laughed about Joanna having to talk to the cats. She’s such a sensitive, caring person. I like her so very much, and I don’t even know her. She’s a prize, D, as I am always telling you! Take care of Joanna! πŸ™‚


      • She may be a prize … but this afternoon a Coyote that decided to visit the farm didn’t think so! There has been a pack of them visiting the farm, at night, for a couple of months now (it drives Mr. Darcy absolutely nuts). Well, last night they were really on the air. I had to shout at them out of the window, telling them to stay the hell away from my chickens, turkeys, and lambs. This morning, by the light of day, everything seemed OK. This afternoon, as Joanna did her work, she noticed a single Coyote out under an apple tree, stuffing himself full of the drops. She watched him for a while and then he walked off. In another minute she heard her chickens making a fuss. So, out she (Joanna) went, screaming and yelling at the offending beast. She still won’t tell me what it was she said to him … but he didn’t come back, yet. I bet he and his buddies will be back tonight. Joanna may come in a small package … but she packs quite a punch. Coyotes beware! D


        • If you don’t shoot or trap them, they will take a lamb sooner or later. I can’t imagine not shooting the thing! Lecturing a coyote, even in unspeakably bad language, won’t do much to discourage him! Chuckle… I don’t like the idea of Joanna running around outside shouting at coyotes! I’d have shot the rascal on the spot!! Aren’t they sometimes rabid? If she’s there alone, she needs to have a shotgun handy seems to me. Take better care of my Joanna, now D! πŸ˜‰


          • Yeah … we have the wherewithal for just such a situation … but I’m sorry to say that Joanna would be the very last to use it on what my Grandmother would have referred to as ‘One of God’s Creatures.’ What can I tell you? On the other hand … I’d have been out there in the proverbial ‘shot.’

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    • Thanks, Sarah. The kids got her when she was tiny, skinny as a bone and full of fleas. They babied her until she looked like a cat again. They love that kitten. I was so glad that I didn’t hurt her! Thanks for always stopping by. I appreciate that more than you know!


    • I guess either of them would have been far worse! Little Britches seemed to be perfectly content to sit in the refrigerator! Was I ever shocked to see a cat in a fridge! I though about kids who get shut into them and die. I haven’t heard of a case of that in a long time, thank goodness! I can assure you that I won’t be babysitting the cats for the kids. They don’t know the house rules like Max and Anabelle, the dogs. I’d lose both kittens, for sure! Chuckle… Did you ever get a cat? I saw a cat that looked exactly like a puma the other week at the shelter. A gorgeous, wild animal look. I’d have taken him if I didn’t already have a zoo going on at my house. He was my kind of cat. I could tell that he couldn’t care less what humans thought! πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by, Victor. I think of you often.


  2. That might have ruined what was otherwise a wonderful weekend!!!! That little cat is so quick and agile I can easily imagine how that would have happened.


    • I know! I was shocked to see the silly kitten sitting in the fridge! Good grief! I’m glad she doesn’t live with me. I’d lose her, for sure! πŸ™‚ And, Jeremy loves that kitten! I won’t ever babysit the cats. I can’t keep an eye on them since they don’t know the rules like Maxwell and Anabelle! πŸ™‚


    • Little Britches is very agile and curious and very likely to get into real trouble if they don’t watch her carefully. I was shocked that she jumped into the refrigerator, of all things! It did frighten me for a moment. I’m glad she doesn’t live with me. I’d lose her for sure. We lost a beautiful, sweet Cavalier Spaniel several years ago. She ran out the door, unnoticed, and was killed on the next street over by a passing car. She had no idea how to cross a street. It was heartbreaking. I think of you often, Shimon. And I worry. I hope you are well and happy. Hugs for Nechama!


    • I really did enjoy the visit, Glenda. It’s so nice and quiet, and of course, Kelli has everything in the house so very comfortable and well done, you know. The weather was perfect, too. I’m glad I finally went with them! πŸ™‚ I thoroughly enjoyed it!


    • Thanks, Sylvia. I don’t think she was the least bit cold. The danger was that she would have suffocated if she had been in there for too many hours. Refrigerators are only something like 45 degrees, aren’t they? It was just too cute to see her looking up at me as if nothing in the world was wrong with that situation! They take her to work and to the ranch in a carrier so she’s accustomed to being shut up in a container of sorts. I guess she thought she was supposed to be there. Chuckle… It really did sort of frighten me, though. And, I don’t think the kids thought it was too humorous… I tell you, I need a keeper! πŸ˜‰

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    • Jeremy and Kelli rescued her from the pound when she was tiny, skinny as a bone, and full of fleas. They fed her kitten formula from a bottle for weeks until she learned to drink it from a little dish. I think they may still give it to her. πŸ™‚ I was happy that I opened that door and saw her there! Thanks, Wendy!



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