House Warming


The last picture of Sam in his old house.

I could claim that this was his reaction to the move,

but I think he is practicing to be a big boy.

Or, he is annoyed with the camera!


Here, I am moving Sam to his new house.

He will climb onto my hand if I offer it.

He looks a bit suspicious of the new house.

He’s certainly checking it out!


Sam isn’t shy.  He immediately began to explore.

His new home is far larger with lots of room to roam and hunt crickets.

Since he is still young, I was worried that he would be lost in the bigger cage,

But he immediately found his way around.


Sam requires the same basking lights that the dragons do.

The area has to be between 85-95 degrees.

They also move about the enclosure to warm and to cool their bodies.

While bearded dragons require a dry climate, chameleons require a humid environment.

In these photos, Sam is hunting or basking.

That’s what all chameleons do.

I feed crickets, Phoenix worms, wax worms and Dubia roaches.

Only the crickets free-roam in his house.

In the last photo, Sam is annoyed with that pesky cricket

And climbed down the branch to scrap it off on the foliage!

He’s getting smarter about dealing with the crickets!


Poor little Sammy is shedding and rubbing his face on a limb to remove the old skin.

I always feel bad for him when he sheds.

Chameleons shed within a single day.

Often, Dragons require more time to shed and don’t look so miserable!


Little Sam’s new face.

There are remnants of old skin on his casque and on one foot,

But he will rub that off within a few days.

I expect Hugo, the Panther Chameleon, to arrive next week!


13 Comments on “House Warming

  1. Lovely pictures, my friend, but I especially like the final one – he’s looking right at us and I swear there’s some communication there! Adrian


  2. Wow i love the new cages. .. but once again. .. your photos are indescribable good… so clear so perfect… talk about National Geographics. ….


  3. Wonderful and fascinating photos, George. Sam is such an amazing looking creature. I do hope he will be happy in his much larger residence. The shedding photo is awesome, but if he knew, I bet he wouldn’t want you to share it with us all. 😀


  4. I loved the pictures of that cute little Sam!!!! I’m glad you got one with his baggy throat expanded and his mouth open!!!


  5. Nice shots … especially the last one of LS after his ordeal. I was going to ask about the maintenance of humidity and then saw your response to craftcrazygran to read that you do it with misters … you mention an automatic system … are you doing it with spray bottles now? I assume the Panther will be housed separately? I think I’ve lost count … will that be five separate reptile enclosures? You’re a Force of Nature, George … but you and I both knew that already! D


    • Yes, the new cages are 48″ tall and 24×24 inches square. Since Chameleons are aboreal, they need more climbing area than width. Isn’t he just really miserable looking when he sheds! Bill Strand of Dragon Strand is testing the misting system that I want. He has a fantastic lab where he tests products. I was lucky to find him! 🙂 Such a nice person, too. He made a video of the new system and posted it on Google for me.



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