Family Holiday

Charlie, I’m including a few photos from Thanksgiving 2014.

Linda and Hazel came down for a few days.

We had such a really good, laid-back holiday.

We were all sitting on my porch talking.

You, Mom and Linda were sitting on the sofa.

Hazel and I were sitting opposite you in the chairs beside the lamp table.

Dad was sitting in one of the tall chairs at the porch dining table.

Max was sitting at his feet waiting his turn to be petted.

I didn’t have the correct lens, and when I went inside to change, everybody dispersed.

Dad was preparing for his hunting trip to Tennessee and Illinois the next day.

Linda and Mom were getting the feast ready.

You disappeared to your game room.

Hazel and I sat around talking.

Suddenly, the call came for dinner!

Mom served her beautiful, delicious standing rib roast.  Everybody’s favorite.

And, by special request, my favorite cold clam soup.

I hadn’t dressed even.

So I appeared at the Thanksgiving dinner table in sweats!

But, so did you!


Typical of Granny, huh?

Mom’s reaction to a story somebody was telling.

The second photo expressed her horror response to some part of it.


What a fine holiday we had!


20 Comments on “Family Holiday

      • None. If it mattered to me, I’d “do better” as the old folks used to say! I usually try to behave a bit better for Kelli’s elegant dinners. She didn’t care and nobody else did either. I really did enjoy having Linda and Hazel with us this year! 🙂


        • Okay then. I reckon sweats won’t do it for a fancy shindig dinner and all. You behave yourself over there and don’t let me hear nothing different.


    • I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a Thanksgiving as much as I did this one. It was so good to have you and Hazel here. I was sad to see you go. I’m glad you liked the photos. 🙂


    • Yes, we had such a nice visit. We forget to remember how lucky all of us are. I don’t celebrate the history behind the holiday, but it is a time to get together and appreciate each other. Thanks for stopping by, Celestine. I think of you often. 🙂


  1. COLD Clam Soup? Is that the same as cold Clam Chowder? Was it red or white? Now, you listen up here George … I’m from Massachusetts (originally) … and where I come from there’s only ONE sort of liquid-thing that involves clams … and that’s warm and milk-based Clam Chowder. Please tell me what clam soup is! OK … now that I’ve got that off my chest. It looks like a relaxing day was had by all … and, isn’t that what visiting with friends and family is supposed to be about? I’m glad you had a nice day and that you came to the table in your sweats. I was not so lucky … Joanna made me change my shirt before sitting down to thanksgiving dinner. I cannot tell a lie though, I had been wearing the same t-shirt I had butchered turkeys in TWO DAYS BEFORE! Poor Joanna! D

    Liked by 1 person

    • The cold clam soup is made from minced clams, sour cream, beef consomme, lemon juice and chives, basically. I’ve forgotten the recipe, but it’s chilled to serve. It’s elegant and the ingredients all come from cans of stuff! Chuckle… You’d never guess that unless you knew it. New England style clam chowder was my only encounter with clam soup, too.

      Yes, poor Joanna! She can’t make you behave! You sound like me! If there had been anybody else except my sister and her husband, I’d have been forced to dress! I really did enjoy having them here. It was such a relaxing visit. We just sat around talking and did whatever we pleased. They know all of my eccentricities and don’t expect food or any such ridiculous thing from me. Of course, Kelli lives next door and runs a fabulous kitchen so I never have to worry about food! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Rob! It was very nice and peaceful. We enjoyed just sitting around talking. Nothing formal and no real schedule, so that was great! 🙂


    • It really was lovely. I don’t recall ever having had such a relaxing, fun Thanksgiving. There were my only sister and her husband and us. We had fun and reminisced and told funny family stories. I enjoyed having them so much! 🙂 Thanks, Naomi!



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