Just Because…


This is an old shot from a couple of years ago.

The trumpet vine grew across an outdoor canvas print in the pergola.

I watched it attach its roots to the canvas

knowing the damage it was doing.

Somehow, I didn’t mind.

I saw it by chance in my files.

It is far more appealing to me than a Christmas tree.

I post it here, just because…


18 Comments on “Just Because…

  1. This photo is absolutely beautiful!
    I had not seen it before. But I love it!
    I just got to know that you no longer have the chameleons. I was so behind in your posts, but I’m catching up now.
    How are you? I hope you are well.


  2. Wonderfully vibrant image, George, really well done – I love it! And doing things “just because” is a good philosophy and attitude to have. Adrian


  3. George, you have to go and like the odd things in nature, Though, it makes a colorful photo at your hands, I pulled these weeds over the summer, trying to take over. Now, I’m on fast forward and summer is months away. Better get back on track to live now, I reckon. Yep, cause I’m rambling.


  4. Good for you. I am often tempted to do the same … post a picture … just because. I hope you are well George. Joanna and I are taking it ‘easy’ this Holiday Season – which suits me just fine. I’ve never been much for elaborate Holiday this-and-that. As long as my animals are fed and watered, my wood stoves are putting out the BTUs, and my barns are full of hay and wood … everything is OK with me. I hope you are well. Doing chores, morning and late afternoon, is a pretty mindless activity, George. You know, it’s one of those things I do while on automatic. So chores always gives my mind 45 minutes or so of opportunity to free-wheel, wander. We’ll, I must say, that more often than not, these days, my mind wanders to thoughts of how you are and how you are feeling. I hope the Texas weather is being good to you. Is there any chance that it’s warm enough that you can sit out in your back garden? I hope so. We’ve been quite gloomy here … since Thanksgiving really. Anyway, a very happy Holiday to you and your family. D



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